Oregon Child Support for Single Moms

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Parents of children have the responsibility of taking care of their child. This applies regardless of whether the parents marry or not. Parents may often leave their children behind when they divorce. This can be very difficult and can adversely affect the child’s quality of life. Child support laws in Oregon and enforcement agencies are there to ensure that parents fulfill their obligations to care for their child.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

Both custodial as well as non-custodial parents can access Oregon’s child support services. Custodial parents who are seeking child support need to create an online profile on the child support website. Even if one parent is not a custodial parent, they can still file an application. Parents who wish to file for interstate support can visit the Oregon Department of Justice page for more information.

Parents applying for support will need to give details about their children and their parents. These details include full names, telephone numbers, addresses and postal addresses, Social Security Numbers, employment information, and Social Security Numbers (SSN). These details may prove useful in moving the case forward, particularly since the noncustodial parent must receive a notice of child support. Therefore, they would need a confirmation of the noncustodial parent’s location. Oregon Child Support Program provides a parent locator service through federal or state resources.

After Locating The Noncustodial Parent

The next step is to determine the paternity and custodial parent. If the parents were married, the father of the child is the husband. Unmarried parents can sign a Voluntary Acknowledgment Of Paternity form if they agree on the legal father of their child. Parents can complete this form at the time of the child’s birth, or during the preparation of the case for child support. The mother can also fill in a Declaration in Support to Establish Paternity form to identify a father and to provide evidence supporting her claim.

The Oregon Child Support Program can conduct a genetic test to determine paternity in cases where there is a dispute about the paternity. These tests are reliable and can determine the paternity of the child. A court order is issued if the tests show that the father is confirmed.

After the establishment of paternity of the child , the case can now move forward to the establishment of child support.

After Locating The Noncustodial Parent 2
Parents may often leave their children behind when they divorce.

How To Receive Child Support

Two options are available to parents receiving child support. You have two options: direct deposit or a prepaid debit card. The Direct deposit arrangement allows parents to have the funds transferred directly into their bank accounts. To set up Direct deposits, parents must have a U.S. bank account and complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form

Another option is to use a debit card. Oregon offers a U.S. Bank ReliaCard that allows parents to receive child support payments. The parent does not need a bank account and allows for the separation of child support funds from income and expenses. You can use the card like a regular Visa card to buy items, withdraw cash and get cashback services. Parents who have not completed a Direct Deposit Authorization form will be able to use the ReliaCard as their default option.

For more information on the payment options, visit this Oregon Department of Service website.

The Maximum Amount That Your Family Can Receive

The parents of the child may decide on child support payments. If they are able reach an acceptable agreement about how much each parent is responsible, they can create a child support order. If they are unable to agree on a fixed amount, a court hearing is a requirement. The establishment of child support order will then be at this hearing. The court will consider the income of each parent, special needs, insurance coverage, and number of children to arrive at the appropriate amount. For more information on the guidelines, visit the Oregon Department of Service website.

The state also hosts a child support calculator online which a parent can use to get a general idea of how much the child support payment will be during the establishment of the order. If parents feel the amount ordered is too high or they want to modify the order, they can modify the existing child support order.

Enforcement of Child Support

Oregon has many mechanisms to help parents pay their child support obligations. Although collections are generally voluntary, in certain circumstances alternative methods may be useful to get the payments. There are several enforcement actions and procedures such as:

  • Suspend the passport of the noncustodial parents
  • Suspend driver’s, occupational, and recreational licenses
  • Place a lien on property
  • To pay for the support, intercept tax refunds
  • Sentencing to jail for filing a court case.
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