Parenting Tips for Single Moms

Taking care of a child on your own can be stressful. If you are a single mom or dad, understand how to manage pressure, seek help and nurture your child.

Single-parent families are not peculiar these days. Learn how to cope with some of the particular problems most single parents experience and the things you can do to raise a healthy and happy child.

Look Up On Your Role Models

Search and make a list of single-parent families who inspire you and look at it when you are having a really bad day. President Obama was raised by his single mom; President Clinton was primarily taken care by his mom and actress Bridget Moynahan, who also became a single parent after breaking up with Tom Brady. You can also refer to your real life friends who went through single-parenthood successfully. All these success stories are proof that being a single parent is not only workable, but an extraordinary gift that lets you mold your child into a wonderful person.

Get a Job Schedule That Suits Your Family

If your work schedule ends very late at night, take a deep breath and ask your boss if you could work on a slightly different schedule where you can come to work earlier, but leave in time to fetch your son from daycare. Don’t be afraid to disclose your needs to your boss, or confess being a single parent, because most employers want to work with you, not versus you. You can also check out companies for working moms or companies with family-friendly benefits.

Set Up a Kid-Free Day

We’re not suggesting that you should go on a date, or even go with your girls for a night out. But we’re saying that there’s no harm in hiring a babysitter so you can relish a pedicure or a trip to your favorite bookstore when you don’t go close the children’s department. You have to keep in mind that married couples have their date nights without the kids. Single parenthood is hard work and you deserve a break every once in a while. I you don’t have a sitter, arrange a childcare substitute with a friend you trust, or possibly, a family member like your sibling.

Don’t Get Preoccupied On Things You Can’t Control

You can’t help if the dad promises to come to your child’s big game and failed. No one can force him to visit. Don’t lose sleep over the other parent’s issues, concentrate on the things you can control and that is the kind of parent you are.

Keep Your Cool and Count to 10

It’s easy to lose your temper when you are “aboard” all the time. As we mentioned in our previous post, being a single parent is not easy-breezy all the time. More often than not, it sucks! Having to juggle a lot of things, single parents have no one to turn to when they are about to lose their mind over yet another bowl of food to be thrown on the floor. Don’t scream, it’s not good for the child and you’ll regret it soon. Instead, breathe, walk away or count to 10, or just laugh it away. When you feel better, you will be ready to face the mess.

Don’t Compete With Yourself

Don’t try to do it all. When you have to get yourself and your child dressed and out the door, ditch some morning chores – making beds, washing dishes, cleaning the house – play blocks or color with your child instead. This laid back approach takes off a lot of pressure and your child will enjoy the extra quality time.

Pinpoint Good Qualities in Men

Without dad in the picture, it is up to you to explain to your child that there are still good men all around. When your brother puts your new cabinet together and your child is watching, make a big deal on how awesome and helpful your brother is. When grandpa shows up to your child’s game practice, tell your child how grandpa loves him and that grandpa will show him how to win the game. Hang out with your platonic guy friends in front of your child, so he can see the interaction. Even if the Dad is not around to show your child how to do “guy things” or how a good man behaves, you can do this job by seeking out role models.

Compliment Yourself

It may sound silly, but if you’re living along with your child, no one’s going to pat your back when your child is finally potty-trained or when you’ve cooked a delicious healthy dinner after a tiring day at work. You should be mindful of these epic accomplishments and that you are the one making it all happen. You deserve recognition. Raising kids single-handed is a tough task, but with some tips to get you through, surely you will succeed.

Multitask With a Game Plan

Try to accomplish chores and playtime simultaneously, so you don’t have to be up for hours after bedtime getting housework done. Fold clean laundry in living room while your child is playing, interact once in a while. You can also encourage your child to pair socks together or use shirts for a quiz color. Chores, play and little learning gets done, making everyone happy.


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