What Is A Pocketing Relationship?

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Do you ever feel the fear and confusion that comes with realizing your partner is keeping you from the rest of the world? Instead of sharing your story on social media, they take your phone and pocket it. What can you do if you are in a relationship that is pocketing your phone?

Pocketing is a new term that has emerged from our social media habits, where we carry our phones and come with us everywhere. If someone doesn’t share their relationship with a partner via social media, it’s likely that they are pocketing them. They are hiding their relationship and partner from the rest of the world.

Why Do People Pocketing Someone In Relationship?

Any behavior can be taken as positive or negative. A pocketing relationship might lead you to conclude that your boyfriend is ashamed of you. It could also be possible that their parents are using social media and would rather want them to meet you personally before announcing the relationship online.

Social media has made pocketing dating more popular, but meeting your parents is a significant step that has been taken for centuries. People worry about their parents’ reactions, but also about their friends’ reactions. Friends are often considered extended family.

Signs That Your Partner is Pocketing Your Relationship

Signs That Your Partner is Pocketing Your Relationship

We’ll now get into the details and answer the question, “What is pocketing?” This doesn’t mean that the relationship is over. This simply means that you have to make changes. No matter the reason, a relationship in which someone pockets half of themselves can’t continue forever.

You Always Meet Out-of-Town

If you meet up in isolated areas, it is a sign that someone is taking advantage of you. This is because if someone is trying to steal your identity, they will want to minimize the chances of you bumping into them.

You Have Not Been Introduced to His/Her Friends

Pocketing relationships are those where you don’t meet your partner’s friends. They are simply trying to hide you from them. It could be possible that they are hiding from you their friends. This could happen if they are in their first gay relationship and are still not sure who they are.

They might also be workaholics and have no friends. They might not realize that they are in a pocketing relationship. This might prompt other questions, such as: What’s the future for this type of relationship?

They Do Not Mention Their Family

Pocketing dating also means that they don’t talk about their families. However, they could be embarrassed of their family, or have suffered trauma growing up. These sensitive topics are not something that should be discussed when you’re dating.

Pocketing Relationship Is When They Do Not Post You Online

Most likely, the term pocketing was coined by the social media community. Your age and social media habits will determine how often your partner updates their status.

You might suspect that you are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share photos and posts them. Find out how active they are on social media, and whether or not you’re posting about them.

You Have Never Been To Their Place

Pocketing Relationship Is When They Do Not Post You Online

Sometimes, dating involves never seeing the apartment or house of the other person. It’s like being completely blind which makes it difficult to make a decision. The mind is curious and second-guessing can often lead to thinking the worst.

You have to wonder, however, what is so terrible about this pocketing relationship? They don’t want you to see their real estate.

They Always Choose Where To Meet and Never Gives You The Choice

What good is pocketing when you aren’t being kept in the dark? It is impossible to know where your relationship is heading, or what the future holds. You feel totally out of control because you have no control over who or where you meet. A painful mixture of emotions can result from a pocketing relationship.

They Seem To Use You Only For Casual Sex

What does pocketing in dating mean if it is not casual sex? It could be many things, but sometimes it is the worst. They may not want to invest in their relationship, but they are happy to have you around for some entertainment.

If you are looking for what you want, a relationship that is based on pocketing will only be worth your time. It is important to work together, not in isolation, on this issue.

Their Past Is Off Limits In A Pocketing Relationship

Pocketing can also be used to describe a partner who hides their past. If your partner doesn’t want to discuss their past, alarm bells will start ringing after a while.

Everybody has an ex so why hide them! Do they really want to be with their ex? Or are they just trying to have fun with you while they wait for the right time? Instead of imagining the worst, speak to them and tell them what you need to understand and why.

They Keep Making Excuses

Do you still wonder what pocketing means in a relationship? To get it down to the basics, a pocketing relationship is one where you hear only excuses. They may have valid reasons not to share you with their family and friends. However, it is important to communicate what you want and to introduce your family members and friends.

Steps To Take When Your Partner Is Pocketing You In Relationship

Your well-being can be affected by the pocketing dating trend. A pocketing relationship can cause doubt and confusion no matter how solid you are as an individual. A relationship is about sharing your values and opening up to one another. Friends and family are important because they influence how we live.

Do not get caught up in a stashing or pocketing relationship that makes you feel like a pawn. These steps will help you determine if the relationship is worth your time.

Communication Is Key In Any Relationship, Including A Pocketing One 

Communication Is Key In Any Relationship

We often jump to conclusions, as we have already mentioned. This is a clever characteristic of the mind that allows us to make quick decisions about how we see the world. It can also lead to misrepresentation.

Talking to someone is the best way to understand their behavior. You might not be able to talk with them, but it is possible to at least describe how you feel about their behavior.

Listen to what they have to say about your feelings about being in a pocketing marriage. Are they remorseful? Or do they just shrug it off? You can work with them if they feel remorseful to get them to open up.

Understand The Potential Causes 

An insecure relationship can be started by ignorance or malintent. This does not excuse the behavior, but it is helpful to show compassion when communicating. They might not be aware of their feelings and may be ignorant. It is possible that they have suffered from trauma in the past, making it difficult for them to trust others. This makes it harder for them to share.

You don’t want your partner to hide you from your spouse. However, you should be open to listening to what they have to say about the matter.

Share Your Needs 

Listen to what they feel about being in a relationship that is pocketing. Don’t be afraid to discuss your desire for intimacy. You might also meet their family members and friends to get a better understanding of where they are coming from.

In order to feel secure in a relationship, you might need to know more about the person’s friends and family. It doesn’t matter what it might be, the best rule of thumb in these conversations is to keep your statements to yourself.

Moving Beyond The Pocketing Relationship
Make them feel secured in the relationship.

Listen To Their Fears 

It can be difficult for both of you to move on from a relationship that is based on pocketing. Both of you might need to reconsider how you communicate your needs and let go of some of your fears. You might consider consulting a counselor or therapist depending on your current situation. It takes time to overcome fear and trust issues.

Plan Baby Steps 

It is important to take safe steps when dealing with a person who is in a pocketing relationship. You should only share your worries and needs as much as is comfortable. Support each other throughout this stage by listening as much as possible. You’ll likely be stronger as a couple with better communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

Moving Beyond The Pocketing Relationship

What is dating without some form of pocketing? The uncertainty that comes with a pocketing relationship can make us feel anxious. Because we feel more secure, we prefer to share our relationships on social media.

However, you don’t know what past trauma caused your partner to take you out. Don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, take the time to talk to your partner about how you feel about being taken advantage of.

You can work together depending on how they respond. Sometimes, you might even need to consult a therapist. You might also hear them tell you that it is time to evaluate your relationship. Whatever your situation, you shouldn’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t value you and lacks trust. It is too short to live without the relationships that make you feel complete.

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