Single Moms on Father’s Day: Guides of What to Do

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Many people assume that single mothers are still parenting with a dad figure, who is co-parenting the children. So, in these family situations, single moms on Father’s Day would not let it pass without letting the dad see their kids.

Single Moms on Father's Day

However, not all situations are like this. Many single mothers have to parent alone, whether they choose or are forced to. 

A fatherless family can still be happy, stable and whole. However, there are certain days that highlight this absence and remind children of what they don’t have. Father’s Day is clearly one of these days. Here are some tips for single moms on father’s day to help their children and themselves through difficult days.

Don’t Punish Yourself, Be Kind To Yourself | Single Moms Guides On Father’s Day

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes it seems that guilt is an essential part of motherhood. It’s something we all feel, even those of us who raise our children in two-parent families. It’s always a feeling that we aren’t doing enough. It feels like we are missing something. As if our children are missing something. This is especially true for single mothers. It can be very difficult for single moms to see their children with eyes full of tears, asking why they don’t have a dad like the other kids they know.

This is where you should be gentle with yourself and remember that children are resilient. Recent research shows that single mothers’ children are doing well. No matter what society says, there are many versions of the perfect family. Children don’t require a two-parent family to be successful. You can show love, stability and grace to your children.

Honor Whoever Their Father May Be | Single Moms Guides On Father’s Day

You may be a single mother, but your child’s father is still part of the equation that created your little love. Perhaps the father is a liar, making your life harder than it needs to be. Then again, maybe he was someone who walked away when you most needed him. The man gave you the gift that was your baby. Your child will see him or her as half of his/her true self, no matter what your feelings about him. Even if you don’t know what the good is, it’s important that you help your child see the best in him or her.

Your child can help you make a Father’s Day card. Ask your child to share the things that they love about their father or what they wish they had done. This doesn’t necessarily have to be given to the person. Your child and you can decide where to put it. Your child will be able to reach out to you in the future if they have any questions or feelings.

Teach Them That Father Figures Don’t Always Have to Be Fathers

Here’s the fun part. Your child may not have a father, but that doesn’t make the day less worthy of celebrating. Your child should learn that Father’s Day doesn’t only mean honoring those who have contributed to their genetic material. It’s about honoring those men who have been there for them.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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