Small Business Grants In Idaho

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Are you a small business owner in Idaho looking for financial support to take your business to the next level? Look no further than the abundance of small business grants available in the state.

Idaho offers a range of grant programs specifically designed to help entrepreneurs like you succeed. Whether you need funding for research and development, workforce training, or market expansion, there is a grant program that can meet your needs. These grants provide the financial support you need and come with easy application processes and personalized recommendations to make accessing capital a breeze.

This article will explore Idaho’s various small business grant options and how they can help local entrepreneurs reach their goals. With the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP), the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, and the Idaho Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG), to name a few, you have a multitude of options to choose from.

Additionally, the Minority Entrepreneurship Institute (MEI) offers seed-stage impact investing and hosts pitch competitions specifically for minority entrepreneurs, providing even more opportunities for small business owners in Idaho to thrive.

Whether you are a woman-owned business or a minority entrepreneur, grants are available to support your unique needs. So don’t miss the chance to access the funding you need to grow your small business. Read on to learn more about the eligibility requirements for small business grants in Idaho and helpful tips for a successful grant application process. 

State Trade Expansion Program (STEP)

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) is a great opportunity for small businesses in Idaho to expand their international market presence and increase their exports.

This business grant program provides financial relief to eligible businesses, including nonprofit organizations, with the goal of promoting economic impact through international trade.

By participating in the STEP program, eligible entities can access grant opportunities to help cover the costs associated with export-related activities such as market research, trade shows, and international business development.

It’s important for small businesses to take advantage of this grant program as it can provide the necessary resources and support to navigate the complexities of international trade, ultimately leading to growth and success in the global market. 

Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission

The Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) provides an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs in the state to access funding and support for their innovative ventures.

Through the program, business owners can apply for commercialization grants to help them fund their business’ research initiatives. With IGEM, entrepreneurs collaborate with university investigators and other private-sector business experts to develop a viable technology with a high potential for commercialization.  

By participating in the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, entrepreneurs can receive the necessary financial assistance to develop their business plans and grow their innovative ventures in Idaho. 

Idaho Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG)

The Idaho Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG) provides a valuable funding opportunity for small business grants in Idaho. This program aims to support community economic development by providing access to funding opportunities for projects that benefit low- to moderate-income individuals and communities.

The application process for the CDBG program is competitive and includes specific application timelines. To increase your chances of securing funding, it’s essential to demonstrate how your project aligns with the program’s goals and objectives.

Additionally, forming community partnerships and showcasing community service projects can enhance your application’s strength. The CDBG program is a crucial funding source for small businesses looking to expand their operations and positively impact the local community. 

Amber Grant for Women

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking for additional funding opportunities, you’ll definitely want to check out the Amber Grant for Women. This grant specifically supports women-owned businesses in Idaho and provides financial assistance to help them grow and thrive.

The Amber Grant is part of the Women’s Business program, which aims to empower women in business and foster their success. The grant applications are open to all female entrepreneurs in Idaho, regardless of the industry or stage of their business.

The Amber Grant not only provides funding but also offers valuable resources and support to help women navigate the challenges of business development. It is a fantastic opportunity for women to access the financial assistance they need to take their businesses to the next level.

The grant is open to faith-based organizations, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses, and it seeks to make a positive community impact by supporting women who are making a difference through their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

SBIR and STTR Grant Programs

The SBIR and STTR grant programs offer valuable financial assistance to entrepreneurs, helping them bring their innovative ideas to life and drive economic growth.

These grant programs are specifically designed for small businesses in Idaho, providing them with the necessary funding to develop and commercialize their technology-based products and services.

The SBIR program, also known as the Small Business Innovation Research program, promotes research and development in the high-tech sector.

On the other hand, the STTR program, or Small Business Technology Transfer Program, encourages collaboration between small businesses and research institutions to accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies.

Both programs offer multiple phases of funding, with grants ranging from $150,000 to $1 million, depending on the project’s stage of development.

These grant programs provide financial support and access to valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, making them an excellent option for small businesses in Idaho looking to grow and succeed. 

Hello Alice Funding Programs

Explore the Hello Alice funding programs to unlock a world of financial opportunities that can fuel your entrepreneurial dreams and bring your innovative ideas to life. Hello Alice offers various funding options for small businesses, including cash grants and access to business development resources.

The Hello Alice program offers entrepreneurs access to various funding options, including bank loans, microlending, credit cards, and small business grants. Another valuable resource is the Hello Alice online application, which allows entrepreneurs to apply for grants and access application materials easily.

Additionally, Hello Alice considers businesses from all geographic locations, so whether you’re in the city limits or a rural area, you can receive funding. It’s important to note that Hello Alice has specific deadlines for grant applications, so be sure to stay informed and submit your application on time for consideration.  

Hello Alice Funding Programs

Minority Entrepreneurship Institute (MEI) Program

The Minority Entrepreneurship Institute (MEI) provides a strong and supportive community for minority entrepreneurs, offering resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. By joining MEI, you can tap into a network of like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities minority-owned businesses face.

MEI is a seed-stage impact investing fund organization. It does necessarily offer direct cash grants to small businesses. Instead, it hosts an annual pitch competition focusing on Black, Latinx, and women-founded businesses in Idaho. 

With their expertise and guidance, eligible winners can access financial resources to help grow and scale their businesses. 

Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund

The Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund offers an incredible opportunity for individuals from underrepresented communities to receive support and resources to enhance their employee’s skills and knowledge to pursue their career aspirations.

Through this program, small business owners can access grants to help them invest in their workforce by providing training programs, skill development initiatives, and resources to support long-term business growth.

Apart from the financial assistance, the program aims to increase employee wages, encourage job retention, and promote job creation for the people of Idaho.  

Eligibility Requirements for Small Business Grants in Idaho

Imagine yourself meeting the eligibility requirements for these incredible opportunities to receive support and resources in Idaho. To be eligible for small business grants in Idaho, you must meet certain criteria.

First, your business must be located in Idaho and physically present in the state. Second, you must be a for-profit or a nonprofit organization. Third, your business must be in a qualified industry, such as manufacturing, technology, or agriculture.

Additionally, to qualify for these grants, it is important to have a solid understanding of your business and a long-term strategic plan. Reaching out to previous recipients for advice and guidance is also recommended.

Finally, an application fee may be associated with the grant, so be prepared for that as well. 

Helpful Tips for Successful Grant Application

Get ready to increase your chances of success by following these helpful tips for a winning grant application.

To start, make sure you clearly explain how your business has been impacted by periods of business closure or other challenges.

Additionally, if you’re a nonprofit organization, highlight how your work benefits the community and why you deserve funding.

Working closely with a business programs specialist who can guide you through the process and help you create a long-term business strategic plan is also important.

Don’t forget to thoroughly research and understand the grant requirements and guidelines before applying.

When writing your application, be concise and detailed, outlining how the grant funds will be used and their impact on your business community.

Be sure to regularly check the application portal for updates and submit your application on time.

Lastly, be patient and hopeful, as there’s often fierce competition for grants. Still, with careful preparation and a strong proposal, you can increase your chances of acceptance for a grant supporting your business expansion or community infrastructure. 

Other Resources for Small Businesses in Idaho

Discover a wealth of additional resources available to help your small business thrive in Idaho. In addition to grants, other valuable resources can support your long-term business strategic plan and help you develop business smarts. Take advantage of application guides and acceptance for grant applications to increase your chances of receiving funding.

Access to community infrastructure and community action programs can provide opportunities for collaboration and networking. Consider getting involved in community service projects to build relationships and enhance visibility.

Look into corporate foundations and non-profit organizations that offer funding and support for small businesses. Additionally, explore resources related to clean technologies, as Idaho is known for its commitment to sustainability.

With these resources, you can take your small business to new heights and contribute to the growth of the Idaho business community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specific industries or sectors the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) in Idaho focuses on?

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) in Idaho focuses on specific industries or sectors, such as manufacturing, agriculture, technology, and tourism. It aims to support small businesses in these sectors by providing grants and assistance for international trade opportunities.

How does the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission support small businesses in the state?

The Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission supports small businesses in the state by providing funding and resources for international market expansion, fostering innovation, and promoting economic growth through partnerships with universities and research institutions.

What is the maximum amount of funding available through the Small Business Grants in Idaho program?

The maximum amount of funding available through the small business grants in the Idaho program varies depending on the specific grant opportunity. Researching and applying for grants that align with your business needs and goals is recommended.

Can I use the grant funds for any business expenses, or are there restrictions on how the funds can be used?

Yes, you can use the grant funds for various business expenses. While there may be some restrictions depending on the specific grant, generally, you can allocate the funds toward your business needs.

Are there any deadlines or timeframes for submitting a grant application in Idaho?

Yes, there are deadlines for submitting grant applications in Idaho. It is important to check the specific grant program for their application deadlines and any other requirements they may have. Start by researching available grants and their respective deadlines. 


In conclusion, small business grants in Idaho can be a game-changer for local entrepreneurs. With programs like the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) and the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, business owners have access to financial support that can help them expand their operations and enter new markets.

The Idaho Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG) and Idaho Business Advantage offer further opportunities for growth and development, while the Amber Grant for Women specifically targets female entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund can help businesses invest in their employees and improve their skills, increasing productivity and competitiveness. It’s important to note that each grant program has its own eligibility requirements, so entrepreneurs should carefully review them before applying.

Entrepreneurs can increase their chances of securing funding by following helpful tips for a successful grant application, such as clearly articulating their business goals and demonstrating a strong financial plan.

Overall, small business grants in Idaho are a valuable resource that can provide the financial boost needed to take businesses to the next level. With the support of organizations like the Small Business Funding Center and the Minority Entrepreneurship Institute, entrepreneurs can access the capital they need to thrive and succeed.

By exploring these grant options and taking advantage of the resources available, small business owners in Idaho can turn their dreams into reality and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the local economy.

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