The Eco-Friendly Baby: Choosing Sustainable Products for Your Little One

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Almost every parent who has ever patented can tell you, that babies need a lot, and they produce a lot of waste. As an environmentally friendly parent, what can you do to create a sustainable space for you and your little one? Check out some of the best sustainable products you can choose for your baby: 

Diapers, baby

If there’s one thing that babies produce a lot of, it’s dirty diapers. So much of the waste that is produced in households across the world is because of babies. As a responsible parent, what can you do to limit nappy waste while also providing your child with a safe and clean environment? After all, potty training doesn’t happen until they’re a bit older, so you need diapers. 

There are a couple of options to choose from. You can look into bamboo biodegradable diapers made with sustainability in mind or you can also choose cloth diapers that you can wash as needed. 

Diapers Baby

Buy second-hand clothes

If you want to take another step on your path to sustainability as a parent, think about shopping for second-hand clothes. Because infants only wear the same size of clothing for a short amount of time, baby clothes can end up as waste quite quickly. 

Just like you’d try to avoid fast fashion as a grownup, avoid it with your babies by buying second-hand clothing. You’re bound to find some pretty amazing baby clothes that are lightly used and perfect for your little one. While the idea of fresh, brand-new baby items is exciting, and that can’t be denied, you can find second-hand clothing in great condition, as well. Consider reaching out to your circle to see if any of your friends or loved ones have lightly used baby items that they no longer use. 

Make your own baby food

One area where people see so much waste is with baby food. Baby food comes in packaging and oftentimes that packaging is excessive. As a parent who cares about the environment, how do you make sure that your infant gets the necessary nutrition while also avoiding adding to waste? 

You could look up recipes for infants and make the food yourself or look into baby brands that create low-packaging products so that you can buy food, snacks, and products for your little one while also caring about the environment. 

Own Baby Food

Reusable wipes instead of flushable ones

Apart from diapers, wipes are also something that you’ll need plenty of while raising babies. While flushable wipes may be super convenient, they also contribute to a lot of waste. While washing your wipes regularly may be time-consuming and maybe even a bit annoying, as one of the biggest baby products that is thrown away continually, the more sustainable choice is to choose cloth wipes. Extra work for you, maybe, but so much better for the environment

Recycle and donate

Once your little one has grown past her baby clothes, it’s time to do your part to pay it forward for the environment. Whether you choose to drop off baby items to be recycled or donate them to charities that you know could use them, it’s important to do your part to avoid those baby products ending up as waste. 

Additionally, you could reach out to your circle of loved ones and let them know that you have free items for their little ones if needed. You never know who may be in need and how your used items can be a godsend for them.  

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In Conclusion 

We love our children, but they sure do produce a lot of waste. As a parent who cares about the environment, consider how you could make a change by choosing better products for your baby. While it may mean adapting to regular washes of dirty cloth diapers and wipes, you’ll be eliminating a large amount of waste.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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