What Is SPAOA And Its Eligibility?

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What is SPAOA you may ask? It’s the abbreviation for Single Parents Alliance of America. This organization works with single parents and growing families. They provide many services that can help single parents fix credit, get mortgages and connect with other single parents

What Are The Goals Of SPAOA?

  • To help single parents increase their household incomes
  • Single parents can access programs that are beneficial to their children (and themselves) and information about hardship programs.
  • Exclusive access to SPAOA members allows for lending and assistance resources.

Who Can Be Part Of The SPAOA?

  • All Single Parents, male and female, can join the club.
  • You must be a single parent
  • You must be a Resident in the United States
  • It is stated in the SPAOA mission statement, that they don’t discriminate based upon any characteristics such as tribe, race or nationality.
Who Can Be Part Of The SPAOA?

Is It A Scam?

Many people search online for information about whether or not the SPAOA program is a fraud. It’s not a scam, it’s a legitimate company. They have great programs that allow single parents to easily connect with each other. However, you may feel like another member in the system. Some members may decide to delete their SPAOA accounts.


It is important to remember that getting mortgage loans and credit repair can be complicated. Each person is eligible for loan eligibility. You are already stretched thin as a single parent and have many responsibilities. It might be beneficial to have someone give you personal attention and guide you through this process. This is just one benefit of The Credit Movement.

Can The SPAOA Help Me Improve My Housing Situation?

Sometimes. It really depends on many factors, including:

  • Your previous loans/credit/accounts (is everything on your credit report legitimate?)
  • Current credit score
  • Ratio of debt to income (DTI).

We also mentioned that you might feel like another person because of the large number of SPAOA members.

What You Get When You Join The Credit Movement?

This guided is a step-by-step system that can help increase credit scores.

The Book

Get control of your finances using industry insider hacks that banks won’t let you know.

The Program

Video lessons tailored to your needs, guaranteed results and credit improvement


Membership in a private group that has thousands of members sharing the system and working together.


1 on 1 credit expert meeting, access to document vault and 100 how-to videos.

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Lori Pace

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