10 Women In STEM Scholarships

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In science, technology and engineering, women have historically been underrepresented. Although women account for half of all workers in most companies, only 28 per cent of STEM jobs are filled by them. More women are enrolling in STEM programs at colleges over the past few years. This gender gap has led to efforts to recruit more female STEM students. College scholarships are one of these initiatives. Continue reading if you are interested in studying STEM in college. We will be discussing the top ten scholarships for women in STEM.

Scholarships For Women In STEM

ABC Humane Wildlife Academic Scholarship

Application Requirements

  • This essay will answer the question, “Why do you love science, technology, engineering or math?” How can your pursuit of these subjects contribute to improving the health of our planet’s health, conserving biodiversity, and alleviating suffering?
  • You must show proof of enrollment.
  • Reference letter

Eligibility Requirements

  • Identify as a woman
  • You are considering studying or planning to study engineering, technology, and math fields.
  • Amount: $1000

Rebecca Fyffe founded the ABC Humane Wildlife Academic Scholarship. She is a Urban Wildlife Manager and is well-positioned in her field as a female entrepreneur. Only 3 percent of such companies are managed or owned by women. 

Her STEM background is what has helped her achieve business success and research. This program allows women to pursue STEM degrees and aims to increase the number of STEM-related courses for women.

AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarships For Women

Application Requirements

  • You’ve been awarded with awards
  • Transcript
  • Resume
STEM Inclusion Scholarships For Women

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students enrolled in the STEM program from underrepresented groups, defined as race, gender and ethnic background.

AfterCollege connects students looking for work with employers through an online platform. It has so far awarded over $1000000 in scholarships and student activities. This scholarship does not only go to women, but it also targets underrepresented groups that include women. This makes it an attractive option for female students interested in a STEM degree.

BHW Women In STEM Scholarships

Application requirements

A five-hundred word essay about your favorite app, or how it has helped you improve your life.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Female student
  • Are you planning to go to college in the US?
  • A master’s or undergraduate degree in science, technology engineering, math, or mathematics is possible.

The BHW Group is a Texas-based mobile app and web development firm. It is a group of passionate developers, designers, architects, and other professionals who love apps. Students who submit the best essays about apps will be eligible for a $3000 reward from BHW.

Girls In STEM Scholarships

Application Requirements

  • A one- or two-page essay describing why you think a career in STEM is right for you. Also, how you advocate for women’s STEM programs. And how you plan to use this opportunity.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Financial need
  • In good standing in a STEM-related program
  • GPA of minimum 3.0
  • Promoting STEM programs for women
  • Amount: $500

Girls in STEM Scholarship aims to increase participation and accessibility of women in STEM-related fields in order to support the next generation in achieving their goals. The recipients must be passionate about promoting STEM in their community and include more women in STEM fields.

HORIZONS Women In Defense Scholarships

Application Requirements

  • The top fields of study are engineering, security studies and military history.
  • 500-word essay
  • Documentation proving US citizenship
  • Recommendations letters

HORIZONS is not STEM-specific but has supported more than 150 students in pursuing STEM and public policy degrees since the late 1990s. The women in Defense Scholarship aims to improve innovation and diversity in defence through investing in intelligent women.

Palantir Women In Technology Scholarship

Application Requirements

Answer two essay questions briefly

  • Which project did you participate in or have you worked on that had a significant effect?
  • Please tell us about a time when you were the best. What did you do with it?
  • Resume
  • Transcript

Eligibility Requirements

  • Female student
  • Sophomore, freshman or junior majoring in STEM
  • A full-time undergraduate student who is enrolled at a college in the US, Canada, or Mexico in the current or future academic year
  • Amount: $7000

Palantir Software, a software company, launched the Palantir Women in Technology Program in 2010. It allows ten recipients to be awarded $7000 grants and a trip, all expenses paid to the Palantir headquarters in California, where they will participate in workshops. If you aren’t able to write the essays in time, it is worth hiring an essay author.

Society For Women Engineers Scholarships Program

Application requirements:

  • Transcript, FAFSA, Resume, Personal, Faculty Recommendations, and FAFSA.
  • Full-time study at a program in engineering, computing, or technological technology that is accredited by ABET for the upcoming academic year.

In 2018, close to $830000 was disbursed by the Society of Women Engineers through new and renewed scholarships. This program was designed to support undergraduates who plan to study engineering. 

To be eligible, you must demonstrate enthusiasm for being a part of engineering. The Society of Women seeks academically brilliant students who are passionate about engineering and will volunteer for extracurricular activities.

The Science Ambassador Scholarships For Women In STEM

  • Application requirements: You must submit a short video explaining why you are passionate about a STEM topic.
  • Eligibility: Female high school senior or college undergraduate
  • Deadline: Apply by the end of the fall
  • Total tuition

The Science Ambassador Scholarship provides a full tuition scholarship for female students enrolled in science, technology, engineering, or math courses. This scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships for women in STEM. They require a short, three-minute video about a STEM topic. 

You should structure your video like a lecture and cite sources to ensure scientific accuracy. Do not spend too much on improving production value, as judges’ interest will be on your content.

Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship

Application Requirements

  • An essay of 500-1000 words on a topic
  • Your bio, including your career goals

Eligibility Requirements

  • Majoring in Math, Engineering, Physics, or Biological Sciences
  • Female undergraduate full-time enrolled in college that offers Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degrees
  • Amount: $2500

The name of Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship is in honor of the American biochemist, engineer and chemist. It is open to women who are majoring in engineering, math, or biology. This scholarship is one of the most prestigious STEM scholarships for women; they select the winner through an essay contest.

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Application Requirements

  • Refer to the instructor, professor or supervisor
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • 4 answered essay questions

Eligibility Requirements

  • A strong academic record
  • High school diploma
  • Demonstrate a passion for technology and leadership to increase women’s participation in it
  • You may want to study computer engineering, computer science or another closely related field.

This program is open to all qualified female students. It was established to increase the participation of women in tech. It is one of the most rewarding scholarships available for women in STEM. They select candidates by their leadership, diversity, academic strength, and impact on STEM. 

Women Tech Scholars will be able to attend the Google Scholars Retreat, which offers them the opportunity to network with other students and Google employees as well as participate in training.

Outside Scholarships And Financial Aid For Women In STEM

These STEM scholarships and grants are outside scholarships, and colleges do not offer them. These scholarships can be a great way of covering higher education expenses. They can also negatively impact the amount of financial assistance you receive. 

Learning institutions should consider these scholarships as assets. They can increase your family’s contribution and reduce your financial aid package. Positively, schools often reduce or eliminate desirable aid forms like work-study contributions when they analyze their financial aid packages.

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