Scholarships For Women In Physical Science (Science Scholarships – Part 4)

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Physical science is not the study of living things. It focuses on the study of the inorganic world. Similar with other scientific field, physics is the area that women are used to be undermined. “I liked the way it shifted gender discussions: We don’t necessarily need to group behaviors into characteristically feminine and masculine. Instead, we can focus on a goal we can agree on: Moving towards a research environment that is as collaborative as possible.” – Anna Knörr, Perimeter Scholars International master’s student. Things are getting better now and to support this movement, there are many scholarships for women in Physical Science.

Scholarships for Physical Science

Scholarships for Physical Science

Physical science can include geologists, physicists, astronomers, and chemists. Women who want to enter these fields, like biologists, often need many years of graduate studies and can face a steep educational bill. There are many scholarships and grants available for women who want to enter the physical sciences.

Other Scholarships for Women in Science:

Maria Goeppert Mayer Award 

This award provides $2,500 in cash and $4,000 in travel funds to enable the recipient to give lectures in her field at multiple educational institutions. This grant is to support female physicists at the beginning of their careers. The applicant must submit a brief biography, a list of relevant publications, and at least two letters supporting their application.

Fellowships for Physical Science by the National Physical Science Consortium

These fellowships aim to increase diversity in the field of physical science and are therefore for women and minorities. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in a bachelor or masters degree program to be eligible. Math, chemistry and computer science are all acceptable fields of study.

The M. Hildred Blewett scholarship

This scholarship goes to women working in physics who have finished work towards a doctorate but put their career on hold to care for their families. This scholarship gives women financial resources to allow them to continue their research. The women must be legal residents or aliens of the United States or Canada to qualify. The applicant must also be an associate with an active laboratory or research institution.

Katherine E. Weimer Physical Science Scholarship

This award is for female physicists who specialize in plasma research and is open to those in their early career stages. The scholarship provides $2,000 in research funds and travel funds for the recipient to give lectures. Applicants must submit a biography and cites from their most recent publications by April 1.

The Priscilla Carney-Jones Scholarship

This award takes into account both merit and need. Women in their senior or junior year of studying chemistry, or another related field, are eligible for the scholarship. This award is not available to pre-med majors. The minimum GPA required for this award is 3.25. Deadline for applications is May 

Association for Women Geoscientists Minority Scholarship

This Association offers multiple awards in varying amounts for minority women who are studying in geoscience. Deadline for submissions is June 30. These are the following qualifications:

  • African-American, Native American, or Hispanic heritage.
  • Enrollment in full-time programs in geochemistry, geochemistry education, earth science education and physical oceanography.
  • Demonstration of academic and personal contribution to the community.

General Physical Science Scholarships

These scholarships do not target women who are studying the physical sciences. They are open to all professionals in the field and are encouraged for women to apply. These include but are not limited:

Barbara Lotze Scholarships

These scholarships offer $2000 funding for future teachers of physics in high school.

Geological Society of America Research Grants

The Geological Society of America offers a variety of grants for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in geological research.

NASA Physical Science Scholarships and Research Programs

NASA offers multiple fellowship-related scholarships and grants to support research and scholarship. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows are eligible for awards.

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