11 Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Grants

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Breast cancer grants provide financial assistance and services for those affected by the disease. These grants can also be used to pay for medical care and reduce your economic burden.

Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even if you have health insurance, treatment and follow-up care costs can be a significant financial burden for many Americans. Beyond the treatment cost, additional expenses include travel, long-term side effects management, and medication costs. So, becomes difficult for many people to pay for treatment and daily living expenses. Many organisations offer grants to help patients with cancer.

Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Grants Help Cope through the Difficult Time?

Breast cancer begins in the breasts and spreads uncontrollably. The tumors can often be felt as a lump or can be detected by an x-ray scan. Breast cancer is more common in women than it is in men. Breast cancer is now the second leading cause for death among women. More than 3.8 million women have survived breast cancer in the United States. This includes both those who are currently being treated and those who have finished treatment.

In general, women with cancer are more likely to experience financial hardship. Many women with cancer end up losing all of their savings and taking out loans or going into debt to pay for their medical bills. Hence, their financial future was affected by their medical expenses. This affected their ability to support family members and children’s education and made it difficult to pay for necessities.

Even with comprehensive insurance policies, the financial consequences of cancer can be severe. Many organisations offer affordable grants that reimburse medical and non-medical expenses, particularly for lower-income women.

Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Grants

1. Government Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Grants

Individuals and families affected by breast cancer can receive financial assistance through a variety of federal and state programs. These benefits are especially designed for women with low incomes, seniors and those who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Programs administered by state governments can assist with healthcare-related issues. These programs are part of government assistance:

2. Pharmaceutical Breast Cancer Patient Financial Assistance Programs

Patients may be eligible for discounted or free medication from drug manufacturers under a patient assistance program. The Medicine Assistant Tool offers financial assistance and pharmaceutical programs. Helpful Meds can also assist with costs. 

3. CancerCare

CancerCare offers the Women’s Cancers Program for women diagnosed with cancer.

The funds can also be used to pay for oral, pain, anti-nausea medication, durable medical equipment, and supplies for lymphedema. For qualified women, assistance can also be provided for transportation and home care.

4. American Cancer Society

Volunteer programs might be offered by the American Cancer Society’s local divisions. This is to assist with treatment costs. They also provide transportation assistance, wigs, and prostheses.

5. Komen Treatment Assistance Program for Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen is a nonprofit organization that specializes in breast cancer treatment. It has spent more than $2.8 million on research and programming.

The Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Program helps you meet your daily living expenses. The program provides support for breast cancer patients in many ways. In short, it pays for food, transportation and medication.

6. Breast Cancer Charities of America – Help Now Fund

The Breast Cancer Charities administers the Help Now Fund program. However, these grants are only available to breast cancer patients under 40.

This grant is to reduce the financial burdens of breast cancer patients. You can also use these grants to extend recuperation periods after surgery or treatment.

7. The Gift of Hope

This Breast Cancer Foundation recognises the importance of financial support. They are also committed to supporting women undergoing treatment.

The Gift of Hope believes women’s well-being should be their priority. So, the foundation pays their monthly bills, including electricity, gas, phone, groceries.

8. The Pink Fund

The Pink Fund is a nonprofit organisation. In short, it provides financial assistance by covering the non-medical cost of living expenses for breast cancer patients for 90 days.

So, patients should focus on their recovery, return to work and raise their children.

9. Sisters Network Inc.

Breast cancer survivors who are facing financial difficulties can get help from the Sisters Network and Breast Cancer Assistance Program. You may use the funds to pay for housing, doctor visits, and copays during radiation, surgery, chemotherapy treatments.

Sisters Network Inc., an African American breast cancer survivorship group, aims to end breast cancer’s shame and silence.

10. Team Maggie

Team Maggie is a non-profit organisation that provides a cure grant. Hence, to help with fertility preservation costs, cancer patients can receive a $2,500 grant.

11. AvonCares Program

Through AvonCares Program, the Avon Foundation for Women and CancerCare offers financial assistance to women in need.

In short, this program helps women who have had a breast, ovarian or cervical cancer screening to pay for their diagnostic services. It can also help with daily living expenses like child care, transportation, and home care.


Cancer treatments are expensive already. Besides, the costs will rise if more advanced and costly treatments are used as a standard of care.

So, if the cost of breast cancer treatment or follow-up care seems daunting, you can apply for grants to help. There are many resources and grants available for breast cancer treatment.

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