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CDG Grants applicant must demonstrate that they are able to have the cosmetic dentistry procedure they desire. A Certified Dental Practitioner will perform a complimentary oral assessment (x-rays may be a requirement) to determine your suitability. After the completion of oral health exam and participating dentists’ completion of the basic dentistry, the dental practitioner will give a recommendation for your inclusion in the CDG Grants Program. The plan will help you achieve the results you desire.

It is important to note that the dentist will not alter your oral health or function in order to perform a cosmetic procedure. The dentist will inform you in advance if you need basic dentistry, such as root canals and fillings. To be eligible for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grant, you will need to complete any basic dentistry. Keep in mind that basic dentistry is the applicant’s financial responsibility.

What are the reasons for applying to CDG grants?

The desire to make your smile reflect who you are is all it takes. A CDG Grant can increase your chances of getting a cosmetic treatment plan to help you reach your goals and improve your self-confidence.

Who Applies for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG Grants)?

Implant and cosmetic dentistry have become accepted as a way to get a confident smile. Each year, millions of North Americans share the same goal: improving the appearance and function of their teeth through one or more cosmetic procedures.

How To Qualify as a Candidate?

A Certified Dental Practitioner will do a complimentary oral health assessment to determine eligibility. The potential dental grant recipient must live within 60 miles of a CDG participating dentist. After completing a comprehensive oral assessment, all necessary dentistry and assuming that you are a good candidate, the dentist will recommend you to the CDG Program. They will develop a Cosmetic treatment plan to help you achieve the results you desire.

Who Applies for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG Grants)?

Awards of CDG Grants

The Partial Grants

Partial grants are available to qualified applicants on a per capita basis. Grants’ distribution is proportional according to the number of applicants in a distribution pool, the applicants’ treatment plan’s value, and the amount of funds that are available for distribution.

After becoming eligible for a partial grant applicants: 

They must continue with their cosmetic dentistry work with either the dentist assigned or another participating dentist in this program. If an applicant begins their cosmetic dentistry work at a dentist not part of the CDG program. CDG reserves the right to withhold the partial grant.

After an applicant’s has completion of all necessary dentistry and has a recommendation for inclusion in a grant program: 

  • Notification of the award of a partial grant is within 30-60 days. After the 30-day acceptance period has expired (applicants can begin treatment with the participating CDG dentist immediately after they have received acknowledgement and acceptance of their grant)
  • To confirm acceptance, each applicant must send a signed affidavit with a thank you note to the CDG office.

The dental office pays the partial grant to an applicant, and not the applicant. The dental office is responsible for reimbursing the patient for any cosmetic dentistry work he or she has done.

Allocations & Conditions for CDG Funding or Grants

Your dentist must sign a declaration form to confirm that you don’t require basic dentistry such as cleanings, fillings, or root canals in order to be eligible for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grant. However, you will shoulder the expenses for basic dentistry if it is necessary. 

Grant recipients must finish their cosmetic dentistry with the dentist who recommended them for the grant. Any dentist can apply to be considered for participation as a provider clinic, provided that he/she is:

  • Located in the United States.
  • Qualified to perform the recommended treatment.
  • In good standing with the relevant governing body.
  • A recognized dentist practitioner is one who has been licensed in the jurisdiction where they practice.
  • Willing to accept the conditions of participation and grant acceptance.
  • The grant providers are willing to listen to your case.

Each year grants applicants will receive up to $1 million in net proceeds and resources. Distribution of this money is on a monthly schedule. The recipients of the award must start their treatment plan within three months. You do not need to pay the grant for cosmetic dentistry.

You can only submit one application and your application will remain eligible for 1 year.

Allocations & Conditions for CDG Funding or Grants
Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG Grants) can help you achieve a beautiful smile at minimal cost.

The Process

  1. Submit a request for funding via the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants website.
  2. CDG’s staff confirms the applicant’s details.
  3. The applicant’s dentist agrees to conduct a complimentary assessment and consultation, and then contact the applicant to schedule an appointment.
  4. Dentists will determine the applicant’s eligibility. The dentist will make any necessary recommendations if the applicant is not eligible.
  5. The dentist will offer a plan for cosmetic or implant treatment to the applicant if they are eligible.

Important Information to Keep in Mind

  • Applying is free
  • Consultations and oral assessments are free (x-ray fees might apply).
  • CDG Grant Funds don’t need to be repaid
  • All funds awarded must be used within three months
  • Only one application is allowed
  • Your application is still eligible for 1 Year
  • Only elective cosmetic procedures may be eligible for funds.
  • CDG Grant Funds cannot be used for general dentistry (E.g. General dentistry (E.g., fillings and cleanings)
  • If you are not eligible for CDG Grants, there are dental loans that you can consider?
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