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Amazon and the U.S. government allow people to buy SNAP-eligible items in certain states using SNAP EBT. The government determines SNAP item eligibility and follows the same guidelines that SNAP EBT card purchases in stores. The items must be shipped via Fresh.

You Will Receive The Following As You Add Your SNAP EBT Card to Amazon:

  1. Amazon Fresh access and free delivery for orders over $35 ($50 in NYC).
  2. Prime members get free delivery when they order $25 or more of Amazon groceries. There is no minimum spend.

Who Is Eligible To Use SNAP EBT On Amazon?

Amazon is participating in a pilot program by the United States Department of Agriculture to accept SNAP online. Customers with valid SNAP EBT cards in all 50 states, except Alaska, can use their SNAP funds online.

Signing Up To Use Your SNAP EBT On Amazon

Visit to use your SNAP card. Follow the on-screen instructions. You must create an Amazon account if you aren’t already an Amazon customer. You can also add an EBT card to your shopping cart or to your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon EBT Card

Is Prime Membership a Requirement To Use My SNAP EBT Card on Amazon?

No. Currently, Amazon can accept SNAP EBT from all states, except Alaska.

Can I pay with SNAP EBT using my Amazon Business account?

Amazon Business accounts do not qualify for SNAP EBT payments. To access your SNAP EBT benefits online, you must log into your personal account.

Who is eligible to use P-EBT on Amazon?

The U.S. government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P–EBT). Customers with valid P-EBT cards in all 50 states, except Alaska, can now use their P-EBT money to buy eligible food on Amazon. They will receive the same benefits and benefits as those with SNAP EBT cards. 

The Stores

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is similar in concept to a grocery store. It delivers perishable, shelf-stable, and household products in daily package sizes. This service is only available in certain regions. Prime members are usually the only ones who can access Amazon Fresh. Amazon will make Amazon Fresh selection accessible to all customers who purchase SNAP EBT cards in eligible regions. For free delivery, order $35 or more (or $50 in some regions) of eligible products. 

If you don’t meet the minimum order amount, your SNAP EBT card can not be used to pay the shipping fee. You will need to provide another form of payment. Customers can choose their preferred delivery time within a 1- or 2-hour window. However, customers may also schedule delivery as soon as the next day. Amazon Fresh delivery has more information. 

Groceries On Amazon

Groceries from Amazon include pantry staples, shelf-stable food, and household items. They are available all over the country. Prime members do not need to spend a minimum amount in order to get free shipping. You can get free shipping on grocery orders if you purchase $25 or more eligible items. You can place a smaller order but pay a shipping charge. If you don’t meet the minimum order amount, your SNAP EBT card can not be used to pay the shipping fee. You will need to provide another form of payment.

Please note that they strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible by using the best shipping methods. For Amazon Fresh and grocery orders, there is a minimum order for shipping.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is the largest natural and organic food retailer in the world. It has many of the same great products as Whole Foods Market. Orders $35+ qualify for free grocery pickup Delivery orders includes a $9.95 fee. The service fee cannot be paid with SNAP EBT funds. Only available in certain regions. You can find more information about Whole Foods Market at Amazon.

Eligible Items For Amazon EBT Card

Eligible Items To Use SNAP EBT Cards

The government requires that SNAP EBT funds only be used to purchase eligible food items. These can only be shipped by, Fresh or Whole Foods Market. Look for the “SNAP eligible” label next to the product name to identify what Amazon products are eligible for purchase using SNAP.

Buying Non-SNAP Eligible Items Using An Alternative Form of Payment

To be eligible for SNAP EBT funds purchase, food items must meet USDA requirements. Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell products in its Amazon store. This means that a product can have multiple offers from multiple sellers. Only the Amazon grocery offer will be eligible to purchase with SNAP EBT. These deals indicate that they have been “Shipped and Sold By Amazon” on each product detail page.

Why You Can’t Pay For ‘Subscribe & Save’ Item With SNAP EBT Card

According to government regulations, SNAP purchases require customers to enter their PIN to authorize the transaction. This authorization is not possible because “Subscribe & save” orders are automatically recurring orders. However, you can still subscribe to the items by using another form of payment such as a credit or debit card.

Shipping On Amazon EBT

Using SNAP Benefits For Shipping or Delivery

No. USDA requirements prohibit using your SNAP EBT funds to cover shipping, service or delivery fees.

If I place an order without using my SNAP EBT card, can I still get free shipping (provided I meet the minimum order size for free shipping)?

Yes. You can order Amazon from anywhere without your SNAP card. However, you will still get free shipping if your order exceeds the minimum spend. No shipping charges are applicable to orders placed at Whole Foods Market.

What if I don’t meet the free shipping minimum? Can I still buy my items?

Yes. You can still purchase your items but they will charge shipping fees and ask for an alternative payment method to pay the shipping fee.

Do non-SNAP-eligible items help me qualify for free shipping?

No matter what payment method you use or SNAP eligibility, all eligible and non-SNAP-eligible items in your Amazon Fresh and Amazon Groceries orders will count towards the free shipping minimum. For Amazon Fresh and Amazon Groceries, there is no free shipping. No shipping charges will be applied to orders placed at Whole Foods Market.

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