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SNAP customers can place an order online just like they do for debit and credit card users. To find their nearest store, they enter their ZIP codes at the Walmart Grocery Website. After that, they can shop online for groceries by adding items to their shopping cart. They select a pickup date and choose “EBT Card” as their payment method on Walmart Online at checkout.

Online shopping is not something to be taken for granted, as Walmart and other retailers have shown. Online shopping can save low-income shoppers money. There are often better deals online than in local stores. Walmart’s online grocery store is priced the same as in-store. 

Check to see if EBT online and/or pickup is available in your state

You can pay online with your EBT card in: Arkansas. New York. South Dakota. New Hampshire, Delaware, Washington, Iowa. Oregon, Alabama, Nebraska. California, Kentucky. Arizona, North Carolina. Idaho. Texas. West Virginia. Vermont. Wisconsin. New Mexico. Colorado. Minnesota. New Jersey. Michigan. Virginia. Massachusetts. Illinois. Georgia. Tennessee.

Customers in the following states may use their EBT card for pickup: Alaska (Louisiana), Maine (Maine), and Montana

Check To See If Ebt Online And Or Pickup Is Available In Your State

Update Your Payment Information With Walmart EBT Online

Sign into your Walmart pickup & delivery account. Are you new to Walmart pickup and deliveries? Register now to get started.

Choose from a variety of payment methods.

You’ll be able to add your EBT card to any local bank that accepts EBT Online.

Click Save Card to add your card information.

You can use EBT Online without any minimums by connecting your EBT card. Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be activated with the no-basket minimum.

Build Your Cart & Check Out

Build Your Cart Check Out

After you have updated your payment information, add items to your shopping cart. You’ll see your total for EBT-eligible items after you view your cart. Once you have finished reviewing, click on Checkout to continue.

Pay On Walmart Online With Your EBT Card

Select the EBT checkbox from the Select payment method screen. Enter the EBT cash or food amount you would like to use. If the EBT funds are not sufficient to cover the order, you may be able to divide the remainder with a personal credit or debit card. After entering the payment method(s), click Continue.

Place Your Order

The website will redirect you to an external page where you can enter your PIN after clicking Continue. For security reasons, the pin pad numbers will change after each entry. After you have entered your PIN, you will be connected back to Walmart to complete your order.

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