Free Prescription Glasses For Low-Income Families

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Prescription eyeglasses can be expensive. It’s also more difficult to buy if you don’t have vision insurance or a fixed budget. There are many ways to get free prescription glasses for low-income families, so you and your family can see clearly.

Eye Exams For Infants

A public health program can help you check your baby’s eyesight. The InfantSEE program is sponsored by the American Optometric Association. Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation provided funding.

Eye Exams For Infants


This program allows your infant to receive a free, one-time eye exam. The InfantSEE program includes a free first eye exam for infants under one year old. Your income and insurance coverage are not considered.

AOA members 

Optometrists that volunteer their time to examine the eyes of infants all across the country. It is our goal to make sure that vision care is an integral part of infant care in the United States.

Eye Care Programs For Children

Your child may be eligible for Medicaid if they are. They can get an eye exam free of charge or at a very low cost. There are many factors that determine whether you might be eligible for Medicaid.

  • State of residence
  • Family’s income
  • If you are disabled or pregnant
  • Age
  • U.S. citizenship
Eye Care Programs For Children

Medicaid covers most low-income families. It includes many health services. These services include screenings, doctor visits, vision care, and dental care. Make sure you check with your state to see if you are eligible for Medicaid. Your child must have an eye exam performed by an eye doctor under this program.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

CHIP, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, is another option. This federal and state partnership provides low-cost insurance coverage to children from low income families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to purchase private health insurance.

If your child is under the age of 18, CHIP will pay for their eye exam. While income eligibility rules may differ from one state to another, all children who are enrolled in the CHIP program must have no insurance to receive the free eye examination.

Under the CHIP program, eye exams are free. However, some glasses may be required by your child. All children who are enrolled in the CHIP program receive free eye exams. However, you will need to pay for some of the additional services.

Free Eye Exams And Free Prescription Glasses For Low-Income Adults

Adults on fixed incomes or low incomes have many options. Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation sponsors VISION USA. This program provides free eye exams for low-income workers and their family members who are not insured.

The Foundation Of The American Academy Of Ophthalmology & EyeCare America

A public service program. Seniors who are eligible can receive free eye exams. If a disease is detected during the exam, you will be eligible for a free complete eye exam. You can also receive up to one year of eye care.

EyeCare America offers eye care services to legal residents and citizens of the United States who don’t have an optometrist. You may be eligible if you don’t have an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or eye care coverage through VA (Veterans Administration).

You can pay for your Medicare or vision insurance if you have it. The program will provide free healthcare for those without insurance.

Lions Club International

Another resource that offers free exams and eyeglasses to low-income individuals and families. You can search their website to find out more about the organization’s financial assistance for eye-related service through local clubs.

New Eyes Might Provide Free Prescription Glasses

New Eyes provides prescription eyeglasses for children and adults who meet certain requirements. You must meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines to be eligible. Sign ups may be made through a local social worker or eye clinic. After signing up, you will receive a voucher that you can redeem on the New Eyes website.

You must meet the financial and income requirements to be eligible for the program. Eyeglasses cannot be paid for by any government or charitable program.

VSP Eyes Of Hope

VSP Global also offers the Eyes of Hope program which provides financial assistance for eye examinations and eyeglasses. This program offers gift certificates for eyeglasses, as well as financial assistance for the cost of eye examinations for children and adults who have been affected by disasters. VSP Eyes of Hope has provided some guidelines for children:

  • Children and youth must be at least 19 years old.
  • Your family income must not exceed the Federal Poverty Guidelines of 200%
  • Vision care coverage may not be available through a government program, or a private insurer company.
  • You must have not provided care for your child through any VSP program in the past 12 months.

VSP Sight for Students offers prescription glasses free of charge and eye care at no cost from a local doctor. To sign up for the gift certificates, parents can either contact their child’s school nurse or find a local partner.

The same guidelines apply to adults. It applies to anyone over the age of 19. Gift certificates will be given to those who are eligible. They can use them to get free prescription glasses. You may be eligible for a materials-only gift voucher if you have regular eye coverage but don’t require an eye exam.

More Ways To Get Help With Free Prescription Glasses And Eyes Care

They can also offer other eye-related programs, such as free prescription glasses and eye exams for low-income families. Mission Cataract USA provides free cataract surgery one day per year. As long as you don’t have insurance or aren’t eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, and any other government assistance, the surgery is free.

Operation Sight 

Offers free cataract surgery for those who are at or below the Federal Poverty Level, uninsured, or underinsured. Non-Medicare Part B recipients are not eligible. You can fill out the form if you have been diagnosed with cataracts.

Seek Optics

By visiting Seek Optics’ collection of Nike prescription glasses, you can find the perfect pair to make you look as good as new.


A support program that helps adults cope with the effects of vision loss. There are both online and in-person support groups for patients where they can share their concerns. This is a great way to meet other adults who are experiencing the same issues. They can share their stories with each other and receive emotional support.

These programs and charities are not the only options. You may also find additional resources through your state or local health department. Many states offer free eye exams for low-income patients. Ask about whether you could receive a free appointment or eyeglasses.

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