Grants for Single Mothers in Jersey City

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Jersey City, located in Hudson County, offers an array of government welfare assistance to low-income families. This is because single moms often have a great deal of work on their shoulders since they carry the responsibility of raising a child alone.

However, the great thing remains that there are many services throughout the region that can help alleviate the burden and achieve self-sufficiency.

Make sure to read until the end since this document provides a comprehensive range of services that single mothers could use.

Welfare Assistance for Single Moms in Hudson County

As a single mother who’s been navigating the support landscape, you might be wondering about grants available in Newark, NJ, or throughout the state of New Jersey. Allow me to guide you with valuable insights and resources. Follow the relevant link below to access comprehensive information tailored to single mothers in our area.

The Salvation Army Jersey City

I’m a single mother, and I understand the challenges we face. The Salvation Army in Jersey City has been a lifeline for me. They offer various services, including cash grants, temporary shelter, clothing, and financial aid. With their support, I was able to cover essential expenses like heating, energy bills, and rent.

They offer referrals, guidance, and even counseling as a community service provider. They distribute holiday presents at their numerous distribution centers throughout the festive season. You may check their webpage for queries.

The Salvation Army Jersey City

The North Hudson Community Action Corporation

I’ve personally benefited from the North Hudson Community Action Corporation. Located in the heart of Jersey City, this community center has been a pillar of support for local residents since its establishment in 1965. Their commitment to improving lives through health and social services is evident in the wide array of assistance they provide.

The organization’s core function is to resolve homelessness. This ministry could grant one-time rent to individuals or families to ensure that the percentage of families without homes is minimal. Those already thrown out of their homes could also provide temporary accommodation. If you think you need their assistance, you may visit their website.

The Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

There’s a free health care clinic with a facility situated in Jersey City for individuals looking for medical care.

The Metropolitan Family Health Network 

This is a health facility that offers full primary care to adults in Jersey City. In preventing or addressing chronic diseases early, comprehensive primary care could be essential. Doctors will help you to understand the background and vulnerability of your family, do physical tests and evaluations, and provide proper education about the value of exercise, nutrition, and healthy living.

If necessary, you may also get medications and perhaps even examinations and surgery. Physical tests, laboratory testing, immunization, nutritional counseling, social services, and case management are a few of the facility’s services.

Assistance for those who would like to register for Medicaid could also be supported. You can find them on their website.

Medical And Dental Care 21

Hudson County Housing Resource Center

A non-profit group, the Hudson HRC, was established in 1990 to prevent homelessness. One service they offer is the availability of information and counseling on citizens’ rental rights. They do this to increase the competitiveness of other housing developments.

In Hudson County, this organization governs tenant-based rental and welfare assistance to low-income and moderate families. It provides rental support to families in privately owned homes. This housing assistance project has stood to benefit countless families.

Consult their webpage for more information on the Hudson County Housing Resource Center.

Jersey City Housing Authority

I’ve personally benefited from the Jersey City Housing Authority’s affordable housing options, which have made a significant impact on my life as a single mother. This organization provides affordable and suitable housing for low-income families, currently accommodating over 18,000 residents in Jersey City. Beyond housing, they also offer services aimed at promoting financial stability for every member of our community. You may check their website for further details.

Catholic Charities Jersey City

Catholic Charities in Jersey City has played a crucial role in my journey as a single mother. Among their many support services is the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP) program, funded by the federal government. This initiative ensures that resources are readily available to assist individuals on the brink of homelessness or facing eviction from their homes. For those in need, you can visit the Jersey City Catholic Charities Center at 249 Virginia Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304.

Debt Repayment and Counseling

I’ve been through financial challenges as a single mother, and I understand the importance of managing debt. Fortunately, there are non-profit credit agencies that offer expert financial advice specifically tailored to single mothers. You can schedule consultations in person or over the phone to learn effective strategies for minimizing debt and securing your financial future.

Services vary by location, budgeting, debt reduction, prevention of eviction, as well as money management could be offered. Browse their website to begin your debt-free journey today.

Food Banks in Jersey City

Having relied on Jersey City’s food banks myself, I can vouch for their essential role in our community. For many low-income residents, access to regular meals can sometimes feel like a privilege rather than a basic right. Thankfully, numerous locations across the city generously distribute free meals, weather-appropriate clothing, and items for children. Food pantries in Jersey City warmly welcome households with limited earnings and those experiencing homelessness, ensuring that nobody goes hungry. Below are some food banks with their contact details.

You may call them to know which hub is nearest you and their operating hours.

  • The Sharing Place Food Pantry – (201) 963-5518
  • John’s Lutheran Church Food Pantry – (201)- 589-1781
  • The Beacon at Bethany Lutheran Church – (201) 432-8773
  • Let’s Share A Meal – (201)-432-1122
  • Cause Center – (201)-432-2824

Feel free to reach out to them to find the nearest hub to your location and learn about their operating hours.

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