Grants for Single Mothers in San Antonio

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San Antonio in Bexar County cares about its residents because it provides housing assistance, food banks, shelters, and emergency aid.

As a single mother living in San Antonio, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges that come with raising a family on your own in a bustling city like ours. San Antonio, often known as “the military city” due to its numerous military facilities, offers a range of support programs for single mothers. In fact, it’s heartening to see how both nonprofit organizations and government bodies in Texas work together to provide assistance to single mothers like us.

This guide includes a detailed directory of groups that help single moms in their day-to-day activities in the city of San Antonio.  Please keep in mind that they can change over time.

Food, Housing, and Other Assistance in Bexar County

Are you looking for grants for single mothers in another city in the State of Texas? Follow the links below.

Rental and Utility Bills Assistance

Single mothers in San Antonio can have assistance with paying rent from various organizations. Let me introduce you to The Agape Ministry—a community service group that I’ve personally turned to for support. The Agape Ministry offers a lifeline to single mothers in San Antonio, covering essential expenses like rent and utility bills. They go above and beyond, even providing warm clothing during the cold months. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website, where you’ll find detailed information about how they can provide assistance today.

The Christian Assistance Ministry of San Antonio is another organization that grants people financial aid and assistance to pay off utility bills. For more information on this nonprofit group, please visit their webpage, or you may call them at (210) -697-5771.

Bexar County provides cash grants through its Community Resources Division of the Economic and Community Development Department, specifically for settling utility bills. Using funds from the state of Texas, they finance the bills of the qualified residents to avoid disconnection. They do this so that every family can become self-sufficient. You may call (210) 335-6770 to reach out to this department. You may also dial United Way 2-1-1 to find out more organizations that could assist in paying utility costs.

Help with Housing

I understand the challenges that single mothers face when it comes to finding affordable shelter in San Antonio. Fortunately, the San Antonio Housing Authority steps in to provide crucial support. They offer a range of programs tailored to low-income families, including Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, and mixed-income housing initiatives. For more comprehensive information about these programs, eligibility criteria, and how to apply, I recommend contacting them directly at (210) -477-6000 or visiting their website.

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Crisis Intervention Programs

The support available for single mothers in San Antonio, TX, is both diverse and substantial. Various organizations in our community are dedicated to assisting people facing a range of challenges. Many churches throughout the San Antonio area in Bexar County actively contribute by providing housing, and free food through food banks and soup kitchens, and helping with bill payments and other essential public services. I want to highlight a few of these supportive ministries below.

  • Paul United Methodist’s Feed My Lambs (210)-227-2525
  • Antioch Baptist Church San Antonio (210) 225-2452
  • Paul’s Episcopal Church San Antonio (210) 226-0345

I’ve personally benefited from the services of the organizations listed above, and I can attest to their dedication to providing food assistance in San Antonio. However, for a complete list of food pantries in San Antonio, I encourage you to explore the provided link.

Emergency Solutions Grant

Federal Support for San Antonio Families I’m pleased to inform you about the federally funded Emergency Solutions Grant, which provides critical assistance to those in need right here in San Antonio. This grant encompasses five vital projects: Street Outreach, Emergency Shelter, Homelessness Prevention, Rapid Re-Housing, and the Homeless Management Information System. These initiatives share a common objective—to eliminate or minimize homelessness among families in our community. For more detailed information about these programs and how they can help, I encourage you to visit their webpage.

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio: A Comprehensive Support Network When it comes to holistic assistance, Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, stands out as a beacon of support. I’ve personally witnessed the impact of their services, which extend to housing, employment support, education, and emergency funds. They leave no one behind, ensuring that eligible low-income families receive not only clothing, food, and shelter but also valuable assistance in finding employment. Their food pantry offers hot and nutritious meals, providing essential sustenance. To explore the services you need, please visit the San Antonio Catholic Charity website.

Salvation Army

Having faced financial challenges and homelessness myself, I can personally attest to the invaluable support offered by the Salvation Army in San Antonio. The Salvation Army, a renowned charitable organization with a strong presence in the United States, operates several hubs right here in our city. Through their Permanent Supportive and Rapid Rehousing project, they’ve made significant strides in reducing homelessness in San Antonio. Families facing displacement or eviction can turn to the Salvation Army for immediate and temporary shelter, providing a lifeline until they can regain stability.

You can also receive utility, rent, and food help from this nonprofit group. A denomination is not an obstacle to getting assistance as the centers help all those in need. At times, they may be able to give funds, but the allocated money is insufficient and may not cover everyone. Find the San Antonio Salvation Army on their website.

San Antonio Food Bank

By collaborating with more than 500 organizations, The San Antonio Food Bank, an organization close to my heart, plays a pivotal role in our community. Annually, they distribute thousands of meals to those in need, ensuring that no one goes hungry. Their well-stocked pantries house both perishable and non-perishable foods, which are carefully distributed to eligible families. In addition to their regular operations, the Food Bank hosts food fairs and operates mobile food banks, making it easier for individuals and families to access essential groceries. For detailed information about their services and locations, I encourage you to visit their website.

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