Help With Bills In Alaska For Single Moms

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Alaska, a state where oil is the lifeblood of the economy, is currently in recession. Single-parent families are among the most affected, and they struggle to make ends meet even in the best of times. Due to high utility bills, the cost of living may become unbearable and too costly. This is especially true for single mothers with low incomes and can lead to them becoming homeless. Many programs are available to help single mothers manage these bills in Alaska. They can cover all or part of the bill, and they can continue to take care of their families. 

Utility Bills Help In Alaska

The Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) 

Provides a variety of social services programs for tribal members that are in need of financial assistance to help them avoid severe financial hardships. Financial assistance is provided to qualified families in order to help them with basic necessities like utilities, rent payments, clothing, and food. 

It also provides community development, advocacy, education, and culturally relevant programs. They promote self-determination and traditional values as well as protection.

The Association Of Village Council Presidents Avcp

Alaska Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 

An insurance policy that helps offset heating costs for Alaskans. It provides one-time payments every season between November 1st and August 31. The Heating Assistance Program requires that the recipient household is below 150% of federal poverty income guidelines and have at least $200 annually in out-of-pocket heating costs. The point system is based on the location of your home, the heat type, the dwelling type, and the income.

Information Hotline:
1-888-804-6330 (Outside of Anchorage)
269-5777 (In Anchorage)

The Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority (BSRHA) 

Offers affordable weatherization for homes, as well as home rehabilitation and construction. To avoid disconnecting utilities, the organization offers emergency utility assistance that covers water, sewer, heat, and electricity bills. The vendor receives the payment. Vendors are city governments, as well as other fuel and utility vendors. 

Notice of disconnection must be provided in order to succeed with the application. The notice of disconnection should state that the vendor will not be providing the service until the debt has been settled. All regional Tribal members can access this program through the BSRHA.

The Tanana Chiefs Conference 

A charity that pays a portion of the costs associated with home heating and essential weatherization. These services are available each winter. This cooperation addresses a broad range of social services needs for Tribal members throughout the region. The services and programs include public safety, health services, community transport, tribal development services, and supervision of natural resources.

Healthcare And Medical Bills Help In Alaska

The Maniilaq Health Services (MHS) 

Single mothers can access an all-inclusive, comprehensive primary care system. This includes nursing, community health, and medical services in all locations throughout the state. They aim to provide comprehensive health care for residents of various areas while encouraging fitness, prevention and wellness.

Alaska Child Care Assistance Program

Alaska Child Care Assistance Program

Alaska’s child care assistance is called “Parents Achieving Self Sufficiency” (PASS) and can be divided into three groups: PASS I/PASS II/PASS III. For more information about how to apply for PASS I child-care assistance, please contact your DPA case worker or case manager if you are currently receiving ATAP benefits.

However, eligibility for PASS II/III child-care assistance is not automatic. A local Child Care Assistance office must be contacted to complete an application.

Food And Meals Help

The Bristol Bay Native Association 

The Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. funds, donations and other grant funds run a regional food bank. They provide emergency and ongoing food bank services to single-mom households in need. The Compact service area has specific eligibility requirements that must be met in order to qualify for assistance. Due to the OSG funds and food bank services, the organization’s service area is limited.

Alaska General Relief Assistance (GRA)

General Relief Assistance (GRA), a safety net program, is designed to assist individuals and families in emergencies such as shelter (eviction notice), utilities, food, clothing, burial, or shut-off notice. The department will determine eligibility and the amount of relief on a case-by-case basis. The maximum amount of subsistence assistance is $120 per household member.

Clothes Help

Brother Francis Shelter in Anchorage 

They provide clothing and other essentials like toiletries. They offer winter clothing to those who are in greatest need. Donations of clothing are collected from individuals and businesses in the local community. To fully assist the recipient, they emphasize the donation of gently used clothing.

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