Help With Bills In Virginia

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Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Lori Pace

Virginia is known for its beautiful coastline and attracts many tourists due to its historical background. Single mothers in Virginia are often struggling to pay their utility bills and really need help with this. This article is intended to help single mothers find financial assistance programs that are tailored to their needs.

Utility Bills Help In Virginia

The Virginia Utility Assistance Program

The Virginia Utility Assistance program is made up of four utility companies that work together to assist clients in need. They aim to serve applicants who apply first, unlike other programs. Single mothers should keep an eye out for the dates when applications will be accepted.

Virginia American Water Customer Assistance Project

Virginia American Water is a water company. They launched the customer assistance program to help their customers. Eligible customers have the option to get assistance with their water bills or to create a plan that will help them pay it. Clients may be eligible for a $500 grant that can be used towards their water bill.

Virginia American Water Customer Assistance Project

The Virginia Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This benefit is a four-in-one project that addresses fuel, crisis cooling, weatherization, and cooling. This program is especially beneficial for single mothers because of its variety. You must be a Virginia resident and provide proof of your need for assistance with energy bills.

Salvation Army Energy Share

In collaboration with non-profit and other businesses, the Salvation Army runs the Energy Share Program. They can help you pay your energy bills and also provide grants for eligible clients.

Healthcare And Medical Bills Help In Virginia

Virginia Hospital Center

Virginia Hospital Center’s mission is to provide healthcare for all patients equally and fairly, regardless of their ability to pay. Patients, even single mothers, can apply for financial assistance to receive additional support. You can sign the application on-site or send it online.


Single moms may struggle to pay all their monthly expenses. Medical insurance can seem like a burden. That is why FAMIS provides subsidized insurance for children.

Food And Clothes Help

Food And Clothes Help

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The SNAP is a food voucher. The organization is responsible for identifying basic foods, such as cereal and milk, and displaying them in the stores of partners. The logo will be placed in the stores of participating retailers to identify SNAP products. This allows EBT cardholders to purchase a predetermined amount of these items. Keep in mind that this is only available to eligible individuals.

The Caring Clothes Closet

Single mothers and those who are struggling to make ends work can find clothes of high quality without spending a lot or even free clothes. This organization receives donations from both non-profit organizations as well as individuals. You must make an appointment by phone to find the right clothing for you and arrange a time to visit their facilities.

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Lori Pace

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