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Economic reasons can make it difficult to sustain a family. It is difficult to be a parent. Single motherhood can be more difficult and require more effort. Many federal and local agencies can help you get financial assistance to make your life easier. The federal government and local programs provide housing assistance in Missouri. These programs can make a significant difference in your financial life. Continue reading to find the best ones for you.

Utility Bills Assistance in Missouri

Missouri Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Missouri Single mothers will love the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which is one of the most loved programs in the country. They have two LIHEAP branches. These are Energy Assistance/Regular Heating and the Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECIP). Missouri single mothers with low incomes should apply for Energy Assistance in October, November, December, January, February and March. 

Missouri Low Income Energy Assistance Program Liheap

Energy Assistance can provide cash support for heating bills for single mothers who apply for it. The Energy Crisis Assistance Program, on the other hand, offers cash support for single mothers to pay their energy bills. These programs can save your life, especially if you’re having a difficult time.

Missouri HeatShare Program

The local Salvation Army initiated the Missouri HeatShare Program. Its primary purpose is to help low-income families pay their utility bills. This program is available to single mothers who have difficulty paying their bills.

General Financial Assistance for Housing in Missouri

Missouri Agency on Aging

Single motherhood isn’t always easy. Single moms over 50 need extra help to manage their households. Missouri’s Agency on Aging offers senior citizens in Missouri a way to get help. Financial assistance is available to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements. Senior citizens are given priority by this institution, not just for financial reasons but also for legal advice.

Missouri Agency On Aging

The Camillus House Grants

Camillus House Grants support single mothers in need of food and shelter. Camillus House Grants raise awareness about the challenges single mothers face in everyday life. They provide financial support to single mothers in Missouri.

Housing and Financial Counseling/Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri

You can also seek help from the nearest Catholic Church, in addition to charities-based organizations or government-funded programs. Housing and Financial Counseling offers cash assistance, rent support and financial guidance to homeless families. They can help people in dire need. These charities can help single mothers who are going to be evicted. Remember that your annual earnings should not exceed 30 per cent of your local area.

Homeless Shelter Assistance in Missouri

Transitional Housing Services

Missouri’s Transitional Housing Services offers housing assistance to those who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless due to forced eviction. Although these houses are temporary, they can help you improve your skills and become financially independent. This program is empowering and can help you find a safe place to live as well as educational opportunities that will improve your financial situation.

Emergency Solutions Grants Program (ESG)

The Emergency Solutions Grants Program assists homeless people in finding affordable housing for them. It is an emergency solution, as the name implies. The Missouri government funds this program. This program is for single mothers in need of housing assistance.

Housing First Program

Housing First Program is a federally funded program that helps homeless people find stable housing and meet basic needs. This program is for single low-income mothers with children who are at risk of becoming homeless or have problems with their landlords.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a non-governmental organization that helps homeless families and women. They offer a Missouri Emergency Shelter Program. If you qualify for this program, they will provide your family a place to stay until you can move on.

Safe to Sleep of Churches

Another church-based Missouri organization that provides shelter for women in dire need of housing is Safe to Sleep. Safe to Sleep is a local charity that is supported both by churches and residents. This local organization provides housing assistance, especially for single mothers in Missouri. This opportunity is available to single mothers in need of housing assistance.

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance for Housing in Missouri

Missouri Bar Association

The Missouri Bar Association provides a list of legal aid organizations in the state that offer free or reduced-cost legal services to low-income individuals, including those facing eviction.

Legal Aid of Western Missouri 

Legal Aid of Western Missouri is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal assistance to low-income individuals in 40 counties in western Missouri, including help with eviction cases.

Missouri Statewide Legal Services

Missouri Statewide Legal Services provides free legal assistance to eligible low-income individuals in Missouri, including help with eviction cases.

Mid-Missouri Legal Services

Mid-Missouri Legal Services is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal assistance to low-income individuals in 29 counties in central Missouri, including help with eviction cases.

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