How to find a reliable babysitter

Setting out to find a reliable babysitter is often difficult but when you do find a good one, you will feel a burden lifted off you.

Today, we will look at some tips that you can use to find a reliable babysitter for your kids.

  1. Personal recommendations.

One fast way of finding a reliable babysitter is by asking from friends and families. Recommendations go a long way in solving problems like this. The reason is that you want someone that has been used in the past and that delivered. You can also enquire from colleagues and yoga pals which sitters they have used or which one they would recommend. a sitter being recommended doesn’t mean the sitter will be the right candidate for your family as families differ in structure and needs but you do want to get qualified leads into the door that have been vetted by other people. A good example, you might feel nervous about having a 20-year old care for your baby while another family might be totally cool with it. So, ask questions about the sitter to know what they are all about before you even call them and don’t feel pressured to hire anyone just because they were recommended.

  1. Organizations you trust

There are some reliable organizations all across the city where you live and even on the internet that you can use. Moms on the Bumps is one organization with message boards for where you can get advice. Some people hire their babysitters from their place of worship because these people would have been vetted and trained plus your child already knows them well and will be comfortable with them if they do get hired.

  1. Websites and Agencies

If you still can’t find someone that you are comfortable with, you can check out sitter websites and agencies such as or to find picks that will suit your needs. These websites and agencies also provide the experiences of each sitter and the type of children they have worked with in the past. These websites run background checks but it’s often basic. If you want to hire a sitter whose background has been properly vetted, you might want to look at a local nanny agency doing the work for you.

Will they be a Good Sitter?

once you’ve found some leads and are ready to interview them to know who will be suitable for your needs, there are a couple of questions that you should ask them which will reveal the things listed below to know if the sitter will be a good or terrible hire.

  1. They come with good references. Your child’s safety should not be negotiated. Your sitter should have references and their references should be people you can reach over the phone and not just on the email. Call them up and ask about the service and claims the babysitter made.
  2. Well trained

Did they get training before starting or during their career as a babysitter? Anyone with special skills like CPR and first aid is a bonus for you. This ensures your baby is in safe hands especially in times of an emergency.If you do find one that you like without these extra skills, you could suggest they take a class or better still, hire them and pay for the classes or offer higher rates if they can take the classes before starting with you.

  1. Time Conscious

When you call them for the interview – when did they show up? You want a babysitter who shows up on time. If they can’t even show up on time at the first meeting, how are you sure they will show up when you have to go on a date? Lateness could mean anything but oftentimes, it is a sign of irresponsibility.

  1. Interaction

Monitor how they relate to your child. Let them spend more than a minute with your baby before you hire them. You should pay for this as well. Ask them to come around for a short session where they will observe and interact with your baby. This way you can monitor how your baby interacts with them. This also allows the child to get used to the new person the next time they come visiting. She should be able to reach out and engage with your child – this is where your intuition needs to be on fire for you to decide if they are worth hiring for a full-time or they should be dismissed.

  1. Your Child

If your child is old enough, ask him how he felt about the sitter. Ask about what happened, how they felt when this occurred, what they thought about the new person etc. Of course, asking if they love the new person that will be taking care of them when mommy is not around, will not bring a positive response. But, question them so you can get an insight into how the sitter spent their time with your kids.


Once you are settled with the sitter, you will need to decide on the amount to pay them. The typical rate varies from $10-$15 an hour, with $10 being for a student who is trying to make extra income and $15 for a professional with the right references and skills for the job. These prices are not cast in stone though, as they vary from location, experience, and your budget.


Before the sitter starts, be sure you lay out some ground rules on do’s and donts. These could include anything from bringing in guests to your home or texting on the job. It’s your child and your house plus you’re paying them for their time, so lay out the ground rules for them.



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