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How To Find A Good And Reliable Babysitter Near Me

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How can I find a good babysitter near me? If that’s your question, we have some of the answers.

Setting out to find a reliable babysitter is often tricky, but you will feel a burden lifted off you when you do find a good one.  Here are some tips to help you with the process of finding babysitters to interview, what to consider when hiring, questions to ask, discussing payment, and hiring the right babysitter.

How To Find A Great Babysitter In Your Area?

Get Personal Recommendation

A fast way of finding a reliable babysitter is asking around from friends and family. Recommendations go a long way in solving problems like this. You want someone they used in the past, and that delivered, and it’s lovely to know someone close to you trusts them with their kids.

You can also enquire from colleagues and yoga pals which sitters they have used or which one they would recommend. Keep in mind that the babysitter they recommend might not necessarily be the right candidate for your family. Families differ in structure and needs, so consider the recommender’s lifestyle before you make a choice. Ask all your essential questions beforehand, and don’t feel pressured to hire anyone because someone recommended them.

Use Trustworthy Organizations

Use trustworthy resources around you that can help you find a good sitter.

Resources near you:

  • Your place of worship
  • Schools in the area
  • Local nanny agencies
  • A community center near you
  • Your public library

Online resources:

The last two websites provide the experiences of each sitter and the type of children they are used to working with. These websites run background checks, but it’s often basic. If you want to hire a sitter whose background is adequately checked, you might want to look at a local nanny agency doing the work for you.

 Great Babysitter

Questions To Ask In The Interview To Find The Right Babysitter

Once you’ve found some leads and are ready to interview them, there are a couple of questions that you should ask. These questions will help you know who will be suitable for your needs. You can ask the following questions to get an idea if the sitter is a good hire:

1. Do they have good references?

It would be best if you did not negotiate with your child’s safety. It will be best if your sitter has references, preferably people you can call and not only reach them via email. Follow up on their contacts and ask about the service and claims the babysitter made.

2. Are they well trained?

Did they get training before starting or during their career as a babysitter? Anyone with special skills like CPR and first aid is a bonus for you. This training ensures your baby is in safe hands, especially in times of an emergency.

If you require these extra skills and your ideal candidate does not have the necessary certifications, you still have options. Either propose to hire them and pay for the classes, or offer higher rates if they take the classes before starting with you.

3. What is their ideal compensation?

You need to know if what they are expecting and what you’re offering to pay match each other. Babysitter rates are not cast in stone: they vary from location, experience, and budget.

The typical rate varies from $10-$15 an hour. $10 is for a student trying to make extra income and $15 for a professional with references and required skills. Ask them what they expect and take it from there.

4. Does their character match your family’s temperament?

Ask them about their personalities, likes and dislikes, and previous encounters with kids your age. See if their nature will match your children’s and if they’ll respond to the babysitter.

It’s also a good idea to ensure you see eye to eye on the basis, such as discipline, mealtimes, bedtime, homework, the food they are allowed to eat, and other things, such as screen time.

5. What is their expectation for the job?

Explain your ground rules on the dos and don’ts in your house. These could include bringing in guests to your home or texting on the job. Ensure that the babysitter agrees with your terms of employment before making a hiring decision.

Questions To Ask After The Interview To Find A Babysitter

Consider a few things after the interview before you make your final choice.

1. Do they value your time?

Did they arrive on time for the interview and answer your calls promptly? Do they get back to you promptly when you have questions? You probably want a babysitter who shows up on time and values your time.

If they don’t show up on time at the first meeting, it may be a red flag. Lateness could mean anything, but often – especially if the sitter doesn’t call ahead – it is a sign of irresponsibility.

2. How are they with your children?

Monitor how they relate to your child – ask them to spend some time with your children before hiring them. It would be best to pay them for this. You only need to do this with the babysitter you are considering hiring.

This engagement allows your children to get used to the new person the next time they visit. Use your intuition to see if they engage well with your children and decide if they are worth hiring for a full-time.

3. Ask your children how they feel.

If your children are old enough, ask them how they feel about the sitter. They are the ones who will be spending time with your final choice after all. Ensure they feel comfortable with your choice, and they relate well to their personality. If they seem happy, you most likely have nothing more to worry about anymore.

It’s never a comforting thought – leaving your children with someone else. But, you’ve done your research on how to find a babysitter. Now you can be happy with your choice and get more done at work because you don’t need to worry as much!

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