Iowa Child Support Calculator and System

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Child Support Laws

Child support laws are in place to protect both the child and the custodial parent against financial hardships. In this article, we will provide the information related to Iowa Child Support Calculator and its system.

Raising a child can be expensive. If the child is under only on one parent’s income, the impact will be more severe. Sometimes, the parents of a child may not be financially able to cover all expenses. This can lead to a drastic drop in the child’s standard of living. Child support payments helps balance the costs of raising a child among both parents, even if they don’t live together.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

The Iowa Department of Human Services handles child support cases. Parents who want to obtain child support can complete an online application. Iowa’s child support application is free. This is in contrast to other states which charge fees. The application process requires information about the custodial as well as non-custodial parents. It is easier to find their non-custodial spouse if the custodial parent provides more information. It may be crucial to provide information such as home and work addresses in order to move the case forward. The case can’t proceed unless the noncustodial parent has been located.

Next, you need to prove paternity. You can present paternity documents, such as a birth cert with an acknowledged father, if they are available. If there is disagreement about the paternity of the child’s father, the court can order genetic testing to determine the father of the child.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce 13
What is the process to apply for child support in Iowa?

Next, the parents needs to disclose information about their income, financial situation, and health coverage. This information helps determine the amount of child support payment and to establish the order.

The length of the child support establishment process is affected by how long it takes for the other parent to be located and how long the court takes to verify the financial, income and assets of both parents.

If there has been an income increase, either parent can request a review. Modifying a child support order is effective from the date it is complete and does not affect any previous payments. For further details on review and modification of child support orders, visit the Department of Human Services page.

How To Receive Child Support in Iowa and Online Calculator

Iowa child support parents can elect to have their payments made directly into their bank accounts. This allows payments to be credited to a parent’s checking or savings account. Instead, parents can opt for the US Bank ReliaCard option to receive payments. This debit card has child support payments loaded on it regularly. Once the child support payments have been received from the noncustodial parent they are processed and credited to this card. The ReliaCard is able to be used for ATM withdrawals and purchases just like regular debit cards. Visit the Department of Human Services website for details of the ReliaCard option.

Iowa Child Support Calculator

The amount of money specified in the child support order is determined by using the Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines can also be used to establish medical support orders. To calculate the child support amount, it is determined by the income of each parent. This income does not include any public assistance payments that the parents might earn. Iowa, unlike other states that use parents’ gross income to determine support payments, uses the net income of parents.

Support payments will be zero for parents whose only income is from Supplemental Security Income. If the parent has a new source of income, this can be subject to change later. Iowa also has an online child support calculator. This will give parents an idea of the amount they might have to pay.

Enforcement of Child Support

If parents refuse to pay child support, they may face legal action. The Child Support Recovery Unit can instruct the childhood to withhold child support payments from their wages, place liens on real estate owned or leased by the delinquent parent and deny passport applications. They also have the power to suspend driver’s and recreational licenses, take money from the parent’s accounts, and deduct any funds. Credit reporting agencies may also request reports, which can lower the parent’s credit rating.

The Child Support Recovery Unit may also file contempt of court proceedings in some cases.

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