Maine TANF

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Maine TANF provides cash assistance to families with children while they work to become self-sufficient.

However, in accordance with the law, a recipient cannot accept benefits of more than 60 months with some exceptions for the elderly, minor children of ages 18 and below, and disabled persons.

Child care, employment, and transportation assistance vouchers are provided by TANF.

FAQ’s about Maine TANF

How much TANF will I get for a family of 3?

The cash aid is dependent on the recipient family’s income and size. The poorest families with three members receive a maximum of $610/month.

How to apply for TANF in Maine?

You can apply for TANF online through My Maine Connection.

You may use the “pre-screener” to see if you are eligible for other assistance programs like SNAP, MaineCare, plus WIC, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Once your application is submitted, a DHHS staff will appoint a face-to-face interview and an orientation meeting; after which, your eligibility will be determined.

For further assistance, contact

(855) 797-4357

What if I need emergency cash assistance?

Alternative Aid Assistance offers one-time cash aid for families who need assistance whilst looking for a job.

Three months’ worth of TANF cash aid in the form of voucher payments is given to families who seek them; this is to help avoid the need of TANF aid.

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