Rent Assistance In Idaho

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Single Mothers Find Themselves Homeless

Every year, many single mothers find themselves homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. These organizations assist those looking for assistance in understanding the purpose of each program. Families who have a stable home can make the transition to a life of stability, with a steady income, good health, and a routine. This article will provide information on the Idaho rent assistance programs available and how to make sure applicants are able to benefit from them.

Idaho Housing and Finance Association

The Idaho Housing and Finance Association offers state-wide rental assistance programs. Federal-funded, this assistance aims to provide affordable rental housing for low-income families and the disabled as well as the elderly. The IHFA offers a variety of housing programs, including Shelter Plus Care, Housing Choice Voucher and Special Needs. 

This assistance comes in the form of grants that you can use to fund nonprofit and government groups across the United States. The IHFA is responsible for funding management and control. The funds are used to support a comprehensive and coordinated emergency response plan that includes rapid re-housing and long-term housing. Housing grants and projects offer affordable, decent and safe housing options to the entire state.

CATCH Inc. Provides Rent Assistance In Idaho

CATCH Inc. is an organization that assists families with children in achieving financial stability. They help families with children to find housing and then work with them to solve the problems they are facing. They have the opportunity to restart their lives and move towards independence. To provide housing for homeless families, they have gathered local businesses, charities, religious congregations, and regional governments. The National League of Cities recognizes the CATCH model. Each step is guided until the beneficiaries find a home. To help them find a safe, affordable apartment, they are given assistance in creating a Housing Plan. 

CATCH will pay the rent payment, security deposit and application fee while the beneficiary is still with them. They are able to provide rental assistance for up to six months. They encourage families to work with a case manager immediately after moving into a new house. This will help them create a plan that will lead to stability and long-term success. Services offered by the incorporation include budget counseling, financial literacy and job development counseling. It is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient income to keep the housing. They can help stabilize any financial crisis that the family may be facing.

Catch Inc. Provides Rent Assistance In Idaho

Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree shelter provides information and rental assistance to renters at risk of facing eviction or homeless. There are a few programs that the organization offers. They provide support and information through the Housing Crisis Line. This service is available to neighbors who are unable to pay their rent. These services offer mediation between landlords and tenants. The Emergency Rental Assistance program includes case management for single-mother families at the highest risk of becoming homeless or evicted. 

The case management program prepares applicants for success. It includes landlord mediation, housing stability planning and budgeting assistance. They encourage families to participate in the Eviction Court proceedings. This is to prevent them from facing eviction and avoid homelessness. Jesse Tree strives to provide a stable and safe environment for its neighbors. They help residents at risk of losing their homes and prevent homelessness in the Treasure Valley.

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