Rent Assistance In Montana

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Single mother families or other community groups may have the need to acquire rent assistance when they are facing financial difficulties. Montana has many assistance programs that will help single mothers and their children pay their rent. This article will explain these organizations and the rent assistance programs they offer in Montana.

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

The Mt. Olive Baptist Church places children and women first and provides them with a home. The following documents are a requirement to access assistance from their rental and utility assistance programs

  1. The copy of the lease that is available to renters
  2. Current gas bill
  3. Payment by copy of bill
  4. Identification and proof of residency
  5. Evidence of monthly earnings
Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Mr. Carmel And Rent Assistance In Montana

Mt Carmel has a benevolence account that is there to help families or individuals who are in need. This fund is only available after all other options have been exhausted. The funding is only to provide temporary assistance in times of financial difficulty. It is a gift that you can only use once. To access the assistance, you will need to submit the following documents:

  1. A copy of the bill that need payment
  2. Lease agreement with address details of the recipient
  3. A copy of the lease
  4. Copy of your identification

Crowley Fleck

Crowley Fleck has a dedicated team of paralegals, attorneys, staff and interns who work together to make a significant impact on the community. They also help with structuring public policies and litigation. They provide legal representation for underprivileged communities.

Crowley Fleck protects senior citizens against scams and provides protection for families living in dangerous housing. All applicants must be vetted before they can access the assistance. They give priority to cases with exceptional circumstances. You can find Pro-Bono application form online. 

Montana Poverello Center Provides Rent Assistance

The Poverello Center, a non-profit organization that aims to providing shelter, food and clothing to those in need. They work with local agencies, community members, and other groups to address issues such as homelessness, poverty and hunger. This organization works with clients to help them achieve independence, improve their health, and develop a sustainable lifestyle. Shelters offer temporary accommodation, which allows families or individuals to find suitable places to stay.

Montana Poverello Center Provides Rent Assistance

Family Self Sufficiency Program

The Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS), a voluntary program, is designed to help families and individuals achieve economic independence. This program is for individuals and families who have housing vouchers from Missoula Housing Authority (MHA), or single mothers who live in public housing. A single mother must have the desire to be financially independent in order to participate in this program. FSS allows clients to create an account that increases their savings for rent payment once they become employed. 

A percentage of the monthly income goes directly into the account. At the end of the program, the client receives the funds that they have saved. A significant amount of money can be saved to enable clients to purchase a home. Federal grants and subsidies are also administered by the organization. These include rental assistance, homeownership assistance, and other support services. MHA plans to expand its services to include a broad range of income and rent levels. The MHA hopes that higher income properties will provide financial support to the lower income properties.

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