Rent Assistance In Wisconsin

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It can be difficult to raise enough money to support a family, especially if you are a single mom. Most families spend the majority of their income on housing. Eviction can be very difficult to reverse if you fail to pay rent. We have put together a list of resources for single mothers in Wisconsin that can help them with rent assistance.

Renewal Unlimited

Renewal Unlimited is a private community benefit organization that provides support services for rural families and individuals. They are not in affiliation with any government agency, church, or other organization. They offer multiple programs that help individuals and families in crisis. Tenant-Based Rental Assistance program (TBRA), which helps with housing, supports low- and middle-income families. They provide financial assistance for people with mental and physical disabilities as well as their families. 

Renewal Unlimited

The Homeless Prevention Program provides grants and interest-free loans for utilities and bills to help families that are financially struggling. Renewal Unlimited and the beneficiary agree on a repayment plan that will allow them to repay the loan in equal installments. The Rapid Re-Housing Program helps homeless people get into affordable and secure housing. They provide assistance, grants and loans to help pay first-month deposits, rent, and utilities in Wisconsin. You can pay the loans in installments to Renewal Limited.

Integrated Community Solutions Inc.

Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. (ICS) is a nonprofit agency that helps low- and minimum-wage earners find suitable housing at affordable rental rates. They stabilize the economic well-being of the people who are at a disadvantage economically. These services are provided in partnership with other government housing programs. 

The Family Self Sufficiency Program funds multiple projects, which provides enough funds for the community to cover their basic needs. They provide the resources and services necessary to help individuals achieve their goals in education and employment. Family Self Sufficiency Program assists families in times of emergency to find housing. They aim to stabilize the lives and empower the poor by helping them achieve self-sufficiency.

Community Justice Inc.

Community Justice, Incorporated, (CJI), provides legal representation for low-income residents in Wisconsin. They defend the rights of the community. They run a legal firm that employs competent lawyers who are aims to help underserved people. These services can be accessed at a very reasonable cost.

Hope House

Hope House

Hope House offers temporary shelter for homeless families. They offer emergency rehousing and a community center. It was created as a temporary asylum for the homeless. Hope House offers other services, such as education and skills training, job placements and financial assistance. Their primary goal is to end homelessness and starvation, creating healthy, safe, productive communities. 

This fight against homelessness is led by the Family Bond Housing Program. This program provides shelter for homeless families and individuals as soon as they are identified. Families used to live on the streets, while agencies searched for suitable housing. These lengthy processes could leave families without a home and render them helpless. The Family Bond Housing Program is there to speed up these processes by providing shelter for families and looking for apartments and homes for them. The shelter provides a short stay for adults to learn how to improve their lives and maintain stability.

Sawyer County

Sawyer County Housing Authority offers safe, secure, clean and well-maintained homes at a reasonable price to low- and middle-income individuals and families. They offer two main programs to the community: the Rural Development Multifamily Program and the Section 8 Housing Choice voucher program. The first provides rental assistance for tenants in Sawyer County Housing Authority apartments. The client’s salary is the basis of the assistance. Clients who live in privately-owned apartments will have support with rent assistance and utility payments in Wisconsin.

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Lori Pace

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