Help for Single Mothers in Michigan

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Michigan single mothers are eligible for numerous grants and other forms of help and assistance in the areas of education, health care, housing, nutrition, counseling, legal services, etc.

Michigan is home to about 10,000,000 residents, of whom 284,000 are mothers who live alone. It is important to help these women. The Government of Michigan and several other organizations offer programs that are for single mothers living in Michigan.

Housing Assistance

Single mothers with low incomes may be able to access low-income housing. The State of Michigan offers a variety of low-income housing options. The program offers home loans that are insured by the government and is offered to Michigan Single Mothers. There are a few loan options for single mothers:

FHA Loans

FHA loans, or Federal Housing Administration loans, are for single mothers as they have many benefits when compared with other loans. The Federal Government guarantees these loans, making them very easy to qualify for. FHA loans require only a down payment of 3.5% to 10% of the value of your home. A credit score of at least 580 is also a requirement. These loans are still available to those with credit scores below 580. You can call the FHA at 1-800-555-2098.

USDA Loans

The United States Department of Agriculture offers mortgage loans for single mothers who live in rural areas of Michigan. These loans aim to encourage people to move to rural areas. USDA loans don’t require a deposit, but a minimum credit score of 640 is a requirement. They will also need to purchase a home in an approved USDA location, such as Michigan.

Scholarships and Educational Grants

Single mothers in Michigan can apply for a variety of educational grants and scholarships. Before applying for a scholarship, you will need to meet different requirements. The requirements can include but are not limited to, factors like residence in Michigan, GPA, previous education qualifications, the major you’re applying for, your gender, ACT scores, and others.

Michigan Tuition Grant

To be eligible for the Michigan Tuition Grant, applicants must be Michigan residents with a significant financial need. They also must plan to attend an independent Michigan non-profit post-secondary school that awards degrees. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid will be a requirement for all applicants. MTG only covers tuition and mandatory fees. This award is only to a maximum of $2400 per academic year. To access more information about how the Michigan Tuition Grant and eligibility status, They can call 1-888-447-2687 or visit their website at

Unemployment Insurance for Single Mothers

Single mothers in Michigan are covered by unemployment insurance through the Unemployment Insurance Agency of Michigan. The state of Michigan, through the Unemployment Insurance Agency, provides unemployment insurance to single mothers in Michigan. The agency’s hotline is 1-866-500-0017.

Health Care

Single mothers in Michigan can choose between a variety of health insurance plans.


Medicaid offers healthcare and other health services to low-income Michigan families and individuals. This covers low-income families and individuals in Michigan with children under 21 years old, pregnant women, those with disabilities, and the elderly.


MIchild is another healthcare program targeted mainly at the uninsured children of Michigan’s working families. It’s important to know that MIchild is unaffiliated with the Medicaid program.  A monthly premium of 10$ is paid for all the children in a family. The toll-free line for MIchild is 1-888-988-6300. 

Child Development and Care (CDC)

The CDC program is available to single mothers in Michigan. The program helps single mothers pay for childcare services. Call the DHS at 1-866-540-0008 to apply if you are a single mother who meets the eligibility requirements.

Michigan Head Start

Head Start is an educational program for preschoolers with low incomes. It provides services in the areas of health, nutrition, and parental involvement. Children under the age of 3 who come from low-income households are eligible for Early Head Start, whereas children aged 3 to 5 can participate in Head Start. Women who are pregnant may be eligible for an early head start.

You can find out if your child qualifies by calling Head Start at (517)373-6472. In Michigan, there are 90 Head Start or Early Head Start programs.

Michigan School Breakfast and Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program are federally-funded programs that help schools and other agencies provide nutritious meals to children whose parents meet the income eligibility requirements.

Your child is eligible for free meals at school if you qualify for SNAP and are re-employed. All children who are homeless, runaway, or migrant are automatically eligible.

For the most current information, please contact
School Nutrition Program Office

Bottom Line: Help For Single Mothers In Michigan

There is a big variety to choose from when it comes to asking for assistance. The federal government and nonprofits work hard to support the community they are in, the best that they can. To learn more about other assistance offered to help single mothers in the state of Michigan, visit these articles:

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