Help for Single Mothers in Mississippi

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Mississippi State is home to more than 62000 single parents, low-income earners, and a 21% poverty rate. In Mississippi, single mothers are offered grants and other services to help ease the burdens of being a single parent.

Mississippi has the highest poverty rate and the lowest median income of all states. Public assistance is often needed to help people make ends meet. This includes cash, food stamps, and housing subsidies, among other things.

Head Start Association

The Mississippi Head Start Association was established to provide services centered around children, such as education, early childhood development, health care, dental and mental health, nutrition for children, and family empowerment, to single mothers and those with low incomes in Mississippi.

Public Housing Program

Mississippi single moms can apply for apartments or open houses in Mississippi. Single mothers must apply to the local housing authority in their area and earn less than the federal poverty level.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is administered by the public housing authorities. Single mothers may also qualify for this program. The Housing Choice Voucher program allows single mothers to receive 75% of the rent they pay.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The TANF Program is designed to provide financial assistance for families with low incomes and children under 18 years of age in order to help them meet their basic needs. The amount of money provided depends on the size of the family and their income.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security

MDES pays weekly benefits to unemployed people, including single mothers. Also, they help with the job search. MDES benefits are only available to single mothers who continue to look for work. Registering with MDES through their website.

School Feeding Program

Mississippi School Breakfast and Lunch program provides breakfast and lunch for children of single mothers and low-income earners at no cost or a very modest rate. The school feeding program is automatically available to children of single mothers who are TANF recipients.


Mississippi Medicaid provides health insurance for single mothers. The health coverage includes consultation, lab tests, and x-rays; hospital care; eye, dental, and mental care; MRI, treatment, etc.

The income of single mothers and the size of their family determines whether they are eligible. Not all services are covered. Call 800-421-2408 to learn more about the services available for single mothers or visit their website.

Legal Services Organization

Mississippi Legal Services provides legal aid to low-income earners and single mothers who are facing foreclosure, domestic violence, legal rights issues, Bankruptcy, etc. Visit their website to learn more about the organization.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP offers subsidies to single mothers and people with low incomes who pay energy bills. The amount of the subsidy depends on income and the size of the family. Single moms who want to benefit from LIHEAP can visit the Mississippi LIHEAP website.

Education Grants

Scholarships and grants in Mississippi can help single moms pay for their education. You can receive up to $6,000 in education grants or scholarships. Visit their website to submit an application.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Children up to 19 years of age who are not eligible for Medicaid can get CHIP. CHIP includes all services that Medicaid covers. Single mothers with low incomes can register for CHIP through their website.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP offers feeding assistance to single mothers and low-income earners in Mississippi. The Mississippi EBT Card, which is similar to a debit card, provides support. Their website has more information for single mothers.

Mississippi Social Services

Salvation Army provides assistance to single mothers in the form of housing, food, help with utility bills, education, skills acquisition, etc. These programs are available to all low-income earners.

Lifeline and Link-up

Customers and single mothers in Mississippi are eligible for a $15 monthly discount on their phone bills. Beneficiaries are also exempt from the Universal Service Fund charge. Call 601-961-5414 for more information.

Mississippi Smart Solution Program

Mississippi Smart Solution Programs offers single mothers help in planning to buy a home up to 4% in payment assistance. Single mothers can also benefit from lower mortgage rates and tax breaks to help them buy their first home.

Mississippi Unemployment Insurance

Mississippians who are facing unemployment for no fault of theirs can receive temporary financial aid. This assistance is available for up to 26 weeks. Benefit amounts can range from $30 per week to $235. You must actively seek a job every week until you get one to continue receiving a weekly unemployment payment.

You can register in three different ways: online, by calling the nearest WIN Job Center, or at a WIN Job Center near you. Click here to register for unemployment benefits and file a claim via the Internet. You can also call 1-888-844-3577.

Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG)

The Mississippi Access to College and University Grant (MTAG) is available to Mississippians who are financially needy and attend state-approved public or nonprofit colleges and universities. Priority will be given to Pell Grant recipients who have unmet needs.

The MTAG award can be as high as $500 for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. It is $1,000 for seniors and juniors. You must complete the Mississippi Office of Financial Aid Application and submit your FAFSA to apply for MTAG. They will require various supporting documents as part of the application process.

Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant (MESG)

MESG offers tuition assistance for Mississippi residents who are high achievers and enroll in undergraduate programs at public or non-profit colleges & universities. The maximum award is $2,500 for up to 8 semesters, or until the completion of the degree, whichever occurs first. However, awards cannot exceed tuition and fees.

First-time applicants must submit an online application by September 15, the fall following the aid year in which they are seeking financial assistance.

Higher Education Legislative Plan (HELP)

HELP provides tuition assistance for Mississippi students with financial need. Applicants must attend an eligible Mississippi institution and have a minimum ACT of 20. They must also have an average gross annual income of less than $39,500 over the previous two years.

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the HELP worksheet (also known as the Household Verification Sheet) in order to apply for HELP.

Bottom Line: Help For Single Mothers In Mississippi

There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to asking for assistance. The federal government and nonprofits work hard to support the community they are in, the best that they can. To learn more about other assistance offered to help single mothers in the state of Mississippi, visit these articles:

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