Rent Assistance In Mississippi

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Single mothers without a steady income often face financial difficulties that could lead to default on their monthly rent payments. Many Mississippi organizations have created instrumental assistance programs that help single mothers with their rent payments. This article will discuss these programs in more detail.

Mississippi Emergency Rent Assistance

The U.S. Department of Treasury funds a program called the Mississippi Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) and is led by the Mississippi Home Corporation. To help low-income citizens, single mothers included, the grant guidelines include an increased income limit. This is to ensure that they can provide a safe place for their families. 

To determine whether applicants are eligible for the assistance, there will be several other requirements. This program is designed to assist those who were denied funding from the Emergency Solution Grant (ESG).

Mississippi United to End Homelessness

Mississippi United To End Homelessness

Mississippi United to End Homelessness, also known as MUTEH, provides rapid rehousing services. They provide funds for rent payments, moving costs, and case management to individuals and families facing homelessness. These funds are specifically designed to assist people who have been evicted and will soon become homeless. 

The income requirement for applicants is to be at least 30% below the area median income. The program also offers job search assistance and mediation with landlords. Budgeting assistance is available as well as transition assistance. The Emergency Solutions Rapid Re-Housing Program is available to those who are chronically homeless.

Housing Finance Agencies

Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs), are under the control of the State. These agencies were established to assist residents who are unable to meet the housing affordability requirements. The terms set forth by the state government change these requirements frequently. 

They provide a broad range of affordable housing and community development programs. The National Council of State Housing Agencies, (NCSHA), works with HFAs to offer three federal housing programs:

  • The Housing Credit
  • The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)
  • Housing Bonds

These housing programs provide assistance for various housing needs, including homeownership and rental.

Mission First Legal Aid

Mission First Legal Aid

Mission First has a Legal Aid Office that provides legal services for housing, family, consumer, debtor and creditor issues. Only 4 people work in the legal office, but there are many volunteers and law students who help thousands of people each year. Single mothers can call the number to get access to the assistance. For those who cannot afford the monthly fees of an attorney, this service is available.

Matt’s House Provides Rent Assistance In Mississippi

Matt’s House is an emergency shelter. This shelter is for women and children who are homeless or have no home. Matt’s House is a safe, secure environment where residents can receive assistance in finding housing, transportation, or employment that will allow them to achieve independence. 

Single moms staying at the house will receive a light breakfast and a meal each evening. Matt’s House not only provides shelter but also offers clothing and food. They also help the elderly, people with disabilities, children and others in need.

United Housing Inc. 

The United Housing Inc. (UHI), a non-profit housing agency, offers affordable housing for the community. They serve families who are not eligible for traditional homeownership. Clients who are unable to obtain bank loans have the opportunity to use these services. This organization offers a variety of affordable loans. The flexible credit conditions offer a customized solution for self-employed borrowers, real estate investors, small developers, and others.

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