What is Mom Bod? What You Need to Know!

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“Dad Bod,” often associated with laziness, is often attributed to dads. A “Mom Bod”, however, is something different. While it is a result of hard work, we don’t see the same. It’s essentially code for an asexual woman who has let herself go to borrow a charming colloquialism almost exclusively applied to women.

As many women, my relationship with my body has not always been good. It has been a difficult relationship for me at times. I felt like I was fighting it throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Although I still hate my body, it is difficult to be angry about my body after experiencing the joys and challenges of motherhood and childbirth. It has seen too much, endured too many, been through too much and given too much.

Mom bod or Mom boss?
Mom bod or Mom boss?

Now, when I look in the mirror, I feel the temptation to list my faults . Each flaw I see is a testimony to the lives I have created and cared for each day. These 5 “flaws” are actually gifts.

5 Features That You Should Embrace as a “Mom Bod”

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

They are a testament to the fact that I gave my body as a vessel to my children’s growth. They remind me that my body was their first home and the first place they were loved. My babies were in my body for nine months, just below my heart. Then, I carried them in my arms. Although my arms may one day forget how heavy my infant children were, stretch marks are a reminder of the nine months that I carried them inside of me.

The Shadows Under My Eyes

My tired eyes show that I love my children unconditionally. My life is filled with love, adventure, joy, and very little downtime. Even with newborns, the exhausting life of a mother is evident by the bags under my eyes.

That Extra Baby Weight on a Mom Bod

My weight is a testimony to the fact that I need to be gentle with myself and my children. It had taken me 10 months for my children to gain their weight, so I needed to give myself at most 10 months to lose it. Because life with children is more chaotic than it was before, I said “at least.” We might not be able to exercise as often as we want, but this means there is still enough for our children to hug, love, and cuddle.

The conversation becomes more interesting when women begin to talk about their body issues. This episode was featured on the iMOM podcast. If you are struggling to love the body that motherhood has given to you, “Don’t Fear the Mom Bod!” is the episode to listen to.

My Widened Hips

Widened Hips

My hips prove that I was strong enough to give birth and carry my children. They’ve made it so much easier to carry my children, even though they have changed how my jeans fit. My hips fit my children perfectly. My hips serve as a reminder to me every day that my children are still at home in my life.

The Scars

Despite the scars I have received from my pregnancies, they serve as proof of my strength. They serve as a reminder of all the sacrifices that I have made. These sacrifices have brought me joy, sleepless nights, baby weight, as well as more joy than I could ever have imagined. These scars have made my heart stronger, more loving and gentler.

Final Remark about a Mom Bod

Mothers are often told that they were completely different before having children. It’s as if their roles have been recast with new actors. Every other aspect of our lives must align with the new identity we have as mothers. Everything is prefaced by “mom”, including haircuts, mom jeans and mom vans.

Motherhood can be a transformative experience in so many ways. I will never look the same way again as I did before having my son. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just a biological fact. It’s OK to have different feelings about it. But that doesn’t mean you should be ashamed or weak. My body is what it is.

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Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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