Rent Assistance In Tennessee

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Due to the increasing cost of living, single mothers face many challenges in providing for their children. For their rent payments to be affordable, low-income families often need to sacrifice essential needs like food, healthcare, clothing, or transportation costs. Many rent assistance programs are available in Tennessee to keep families from becoming homeless and help them heal from the trauma of homelessness. 

These programs provide holistic support to families who want to maintain their homes. They offer more than just rental assistance. These services will ensure that no family is ever homeless. 



Local churches assist Rooftop with rent and emergency payments. First, the person applies online for assistance. Then, a Rooftop social service specialist will interview the candidate over the telephone. Referrals to other agencies are made if the candidate isn’t eligible for assistance. 

In the opposite case, the social worker prepares all paperwork and submits it for review to the team. After the application approval, the landlord/mortgagor receives the balance directly. The recipient must prove that they have the ability to pay their bills the next month.

Housing Fund In Tennessee Supports Rent Assistance

The Housing Fund supports the economic development of affordable housing for all. They strive to make a safe, healthy place for people of low and moderate income to live. They helped to develop affordable apartments for the poor, shelters for the homeless, as well as self-owned family homes.

Memphis Area Legal Services

Memphis Area Legal Services (MALS), provides legal representation for the disabled, elderly, and the poor in legal matters. They can represent families in foreclosure cases, unlawful expulsions, deposit claims, and disputes with landlords about unpaid rent.

Nashville Rescue Mission

Nashville Rescue Mission uses Christianity as a way to serve the community. They aim to make every person’s life better. They encourage the community members to follow Christ’s example by sharing biblical and scriptural teachings. 

The Nashville Rescue Mission are open to all – single parents, homeless, victims of abuse or rape, addicts, single parents and anyone else who needs them. People who have been part of the program for a while can be an inspiration to those still in need. Nashville Rescue Mission is a beacon of hope for those who are in despair.

Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association

Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) Emergency Services helps families pay their mortgages and bills in the event they lose their jobs or are faced with an emergency. To be eligible for assistance, one must provide documentation and data. This information determines if they will receive any assistance. 

Temporary shelter is immediately provided to homeless families with minor children until permanent housing can be found. They will be working in coordination with hospitals and clinics to provide more support and food for elderly people who are in dire need. They aim to increase the number of beneficiaries and the quality of the services offered.

Tennessee Oak Ridge Housing Authority Manages Rent Assistance

Tennessee Oak Ridge Housing Authority Manages Rent Assistance

Oak Ridge Housing Authority (ORHA), manages housing programs that create opportunities for families and neighborhoods. These programs reduce the need to use more costly support measures and provide safe, affordable housing that is clean, attractive, and well-maintained. They encourage families in the community to work toward independence.

ORHA is a valued partner in the community. They have a steady track record of improving neighborhoods and leading low-income earners, veterans, or elderly to greater self sufficiency. To meet various operational needs, the organization may occasionally hire an experienced, skilled and unskilled workforce. These services can be hired as a contract or on a temporary basis.

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