The Toughest Child Support States In The US

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Custody X Change research shows that the amount and size of your child support payments will depend on where you live in the United States. But if you want more information about child support in the US, especially, where is the toughest states, we have the answer for you.

The Toughest States For Paying Child Support

A parent who lives six hours away from their child can spend three times the amount of a parent who lives in Virginia, even though they are living in an identical situation. According to state guidelines, a parent in…

  • Virginia would have to pay $400 for child support
  • Massachusetts would pay almost $1,200 for child support

Hawaii, California and New York are the most expensive states to live in. However, Hawaii ranks among the top ten child support calculations, while New Jersey and Maryland rank among the lowest.

The State of Massachusetts, which pays the largest child support payments to every family, also has the seventh highest standard of living in America. Virginia’s cost of living is similar (12th highest in the U.S.), but it pays the lowest child support payments.

The State Of Massachusetts Which Pays The Largest Child Support Payments

Many Political analysts find it difficult to explain the differences in child support payments across different states. Support payments for mothers in Republican or Democratic regions are $13 less than those of their counterparts ($702 and $715 per month, respectively).

Only 4 States Do Not Consider The Mother’s Income In Determining Child Support

The child support payment for a family in these states is $100 more than the rest of the country. These states pay a family an average of $713 per month, but the standard amount is $813 in these states.

Child support payments were calculated historically by taking a percentage of the income earned by the parent who spends less time with the child. Most states have adopted formulas that take into account both parents’ incomes, as the number of working-class moms has increased in recent decades. Arkansas is the latest state to adopt this formula, and it will happen by March.

If the mother’s earnings drop, the award rates in the four states that were mentioned could fall. This means that support payments in other states will increase, but theirs will remain static.

The Least And The Toughest Child Support Payment In The US States

The Regions Under Rocky Mountain Awards are the least and best payment, while The Part Of New England Awards is the highest Mothers in the Rocky Mountain region receive the lowest child support at $556 per month.

The Least And The Toughest Child Support Payment In The Us States

New England’s average monthly payment of $928 is undoubtedly the most expensive in America. It is 67% higher than the Rocky Mountain region’s. New England is an exception with the 12th lowest payment rate ($519). However, it is not enough to take New England off the top spot.

You can get a full breakdown of calculations by region if you need. Moreover, we have an article for Child Support Calculator in case you are looking for.

The Child Support Debate Continues To Evolve

As a result of many changes in American families, most states have successfully restructured child support formulas. In the past, guidelines assumed that mothers worked less than their fathers. They were also based on the assumption that both parents had been married at one time.

A lot of the discussion about child support payments today centers on finding a child support amount that is affordable for the child and not leaving the parent in poverty.

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