Rent Assistance In Connecticut

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These rent assistance programs in Connecticut can fully empower those who are in greatest need. We will be highlighting various programs available in Connecticut and providing information about their eligibility requirements.

Due to rising living costs, the demand for rental assistance has risen. Single mothers often reach out to local organizations in order to access the many assistance programs they have created. One study found that single-mother families who have received rent assistance programs were less likely to be placed back in the homelessness system. 

Thames Valley Council for Community Action Inc.

Thames Valley Council For Community Action Inc

The Thames Valley Council for Community Action Inc. is a non-governmental organization that advocates for and meets the needs of those most in need. They work in partnership with other organizations to address social problems such as employment, education, food security, and housing. TVCCA assists single mothers with low income and vulnerable families by creating programs that promote financial independence.

New Reach Offers Different Rent Assistance In Connecticut

New Reach is an organization that helps families and individuals affected by poverty and homelessness. There are many housing and support programs they offer. 

Stable Families Program (SFP)

New Reach offers a service to prevent evictions under the Stable Families Program. This program assists families living in low-income housing to address their critical needs by providing case management services that use evidence-based practices to connect them to a range of resources, including affordable medicine, healthcare, education, and education. They can also access services that include advocacy to prevent evictions and disturbances caused by eviction. They offer emergency shelter services to families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. 

Emergency Shelter Program (ESP)

Women and children can find refuge in the Emergency Shelter Program (ESP) each day to help them begin their recovery journey. Two secure and clean housings are available in New Haven. 

Emergency Shelter Program Esp

Integrated Care Program (ICP)

The Integrated Care Program (ICP), which is a New Reach team that provides specialized expertise for homeless women, is another service. They aim to help women feel safe and get the necessary treatment after they are discharged from hospital. 

Furniture Co-Op (TFC) And Rent Assistance in Connecticut

One of their services is the Furniture Co-op (TFC), which distributes gently used furniture for families who are transitioning from homelessness to others. There are two housing programs: Rapid Rehousing, which provides short-term rental assistance with supportive services, and Permanent Supportive Housing, which offers long-term housing with supportive service.

The Statewide Legal Services (SLS)

Statewide Legal Services (SLS), which is available to low-income individuals and families, allows them to access legal services to help with their legal issues. They act as a legal advice and referral center for low-income people to help them with their legal problems. They assist with legal questions about housing, family, unemployment and other issues. Legal advice is provided at no cost.

Mercy Housing and Shelter

Mercy Housing and Shelter aims to improve the lives of those who are homeless or have a high chance of becoming homeless. The agency offers accommodation and hot meals. The community can also benefit from Mercy programs, which help them to find permanent housing. Additional services include medical care, case management and toiletries. 

Donations are used to fund financial assistance. They provide intensive case management to help people overcome their challenges. The organization equips beneficiaries with the skills they need to achieve full independence.

Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of New Haven

Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), New Haven, has programs that assist in revitalizing communities with complete developments. They help to renovate homes that are in disrepair so that families from the poor can have housing.

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