Rent Assistance In New Jersey

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Every mother should ensure their children are safe and secure. This includes providing safe housing for their families. As a single-income household, single mothers face greater challenges. Here are some programs that provide rent assistance in New Jersey for them.

Mullin and Lonergan Associates

Mullin and Lonergan Associates manage housing assistance programs provided by the Borough. Federally funded, the assistance program provides tenant-centered rental assistance. They provide services that are affordable, decent, and safe housing for residents in good conditions. When determining eligibility, income of the family is taken into account.

Mullin And Lonergan Associates

Newark Emergency Service for Families Inc.

The Newark Emergency Service for Families Inc., a non-profit, aiming to provide valuable services to individuals and families who need assistance with rent, utilities, shelter, clothing, food, and utility bills. They provide assistance to the homeless, seniors, working poor, and people affected by natural catastrophes. They provide their service with dignity, care, and detail to protect the community.

It is for families and individuals who are struggling, as well as the homeless and those with low incomes, calm them down and provide financial assistance for life skills training. Individuals and families receive support that includes housing, emergency services and family development. Beneficiaries can also access case management services and links with other organizations. All applicants will be contacted and screened. 

There is priority to families with financial limitations for rental assistance, utility assistance, or security deposit assistance. They can shower, wash clothes, get light meals and use the telephone. Single mothers who are eligible for rapid-rehousing can secure long-term housing by qualifying.

Northeast New Jersey Legal Service For Rent Assistance

The Northeast New Jersey Legal Service (NNJLS), has highly skilled attorneys who specialize in civil (noncriminal) law. This includes individuals and families with financial constraints, seniors, and people with disabilities. The NNJLS Housing Law Unit provides legal advice and representation for applicants who need to avoid foreclosures, evictions, or removal from housing benefits. They represent people who are unable to pay rent, or have been harassed by landlords, or are victims of biased business practices. 

This organization aims to provide justice for all residents of the area who are in financial distress. The law firm is a non-profit private law firm that provides free civil legal assistance. To increase the knowledge of citizens about their rights and responsibilities, they also created community legal education programs. They are experts in civil law, including housing, consumer, public benefits, family and family. Because there is a limit in funding, applicants won’t be able to receive any assistance.

Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions offers a safe place for residents to sleep and warm meals. They provide the tools and support residents need to live independently. The Main Shelter is open to all ages and caters for families, men, and women every day. Residents can also receive additional services such as case management, counseling, life skills curriculum, housing assistance, financial services, budgeting skills, job search assistance, childcare services, and assistance with budgeting. The Transitional Housing Program (THP), which consists of 10 furnished apartments, serves as an intermediary stage for households that have working adults.

Homeless Solutions

Edison Housing Authority

Edison Housing Authority aims to help residents maintain safe, comfortable housing. They aim to improve the lives of low-income earners through rental assistance and mixed-income housing. These programs and workshops are designed to help community members achieve financial independence. Staff members assist residents so they can eventually move into permanent housing.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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